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SASY Mom Of The Week: Delia Douglas

September 29, 2014

Meet SASY Mom, DD! Delia Douglas is the Owner of DDHPR, a boutique public relations firm catering to an eclectic roster of fashion, beauty, non-profit and artist clients. Passionate about cultural diversity, Delia is co-founder of Multiculti Cuties, a culturally diverse community of moms, dads, and caregivers for social, educational and celebratory events exploring the diversity of the world around them. Plus, she’s a delightful diva with an amazingly adorable three year old daughter. Find out more about Delia below.

Q. You are the epitome of a multi-tasking mama…how do you balance your personal life and career? Has being a working mom been more or less difficult than you imagined?

A. Balance… This is something that I am still trying to master. Finding that perfect balance seems completely unachievable, so, currently, maintaining a balance that just “feels right” is the goal.

In my world one-on-one time is vital. Below are a couple of ways I found to facilitate that direct connection.

Morning Refresh Session:
The first 20 minutes of my morning is spent with my daughter completely unplugged. She wakes up at 6 am singing, talkative, affectionate, and cheerful; so we usually spend this time with silly songs or made up stories.
Date Nite Revival:
My husband and I try to keep a weekly date; usually this consists of a bike ride to catch the sunset, chats about things outside of the daily grind, sometimes a quick set by a local music band we enjoy, and most times a glass of wine.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 10.41.09 PM

Q. As a PR Diva, fashion is such a big part of your brand. What tips do you have for keeping the kiddies in fashionable, yet practical, pieces?

A. Here are the 5 rules I try to keep:
1) Love it: Only buy stuff that you love.
2) Sharing is caring: Check out your local swaps, consignment, or resale shops.
3) Sale Sale Sale: Clearance sales at Carter’s and Old Navy are great for basics. Flash Sale sites like Zulily for fun stuff.
4) Go Fem: Support fellow mom-entrepreneur designers/businesses. There are some great kids-fashion designers with affordable fashion. We love Mixed Up Clothing, Tea Collection, Carter’s, Paper Cloudz, Baby Nay, and Be Inspired Boutique.
5) Branch Out: There are often some great pieces for girls in the “boys section”. Sometimes there at an even more affordable price point!

Q. We noticed a very poignant picture on your Instagram of a young girl using extreme measures to fit society’s idea of beauty. As the mother of a daughter, what do you think is the most important thing to teach little girls about beauty?

A. In many areas of our world, worth and value is measured by appearance and a skewed perception of beauty. As an advocate for diversity and an activist for positive body-image, I am passionate about working to provide more positive messaging in the media. As parents, it is up to us to teach our children that regardless of what is being shown in the media, we are all beautiful and true beauty is within.
We women need to find peace within ourselves and each other. If we can begin to love and build one another up to become positive role-models we all rise. We owe this to ourselves as well as to the next generation of young women who will follow us.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 10.41.39 PM

Q. And since we’re, we have to ask…what is your favorite pair of stilettos?!

A. Always a fan of a pointed-toe stiletto in bright red or magenta suede. Or a sparkly platform! Currently I am obsessing over these black and gold sparkly stilettos by designer Bryan Atwood.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 10.39.10 PM

Super cute shoes!! A California native, Delia, her husband, and their 3 year old daughter reside in Venice, CA most commonly referred to as “Venice Beach: Where Art Meets Crime”. Catch up with Delia and her family on Instagram @heartandsol and her business @ddhpr. Also, if you’d like to nominate a “SASY Mom of the Week” please send an email to


Is That A Rash? When Nothing Becomes Something

September 27, 2014

Little #CharlieB has Eczema, which unfortunately means she has itchy, dry, patchy skin from time to time. The little rashes are annoying, but generally are not that serious — except this week when they became VERY serious.

What appeared to be an Eczema flare up was actually the beginning stages of Viral Exanthem, commonly known as a “rash caused by a virus”. We took CB to see her pediatrician and were given a crash course in “VE”. We missed the warning signs, but hopefully this post will help you catch it early.

The Fever
– Initially, we believed the fever was due to the fact she had four teeth coming in all at once. However, during her check-up, the doctor informed us that the fever was actually a side effect to the virus her body was trying to fight.

The Rash
– Again, we believed it was her Eczema rearing it’s ugly head. It wasn’t until the rash covered her entire body and the bumps grew in size, did we realize it had to be something more.
– We had also just started using a new type of soap on Charlie, so after we ruled out Eczema we believed it could be an allergic reaction. The good doc had to school us otherwise.

The Irritability
– With Eczema comes itching. What we should have noticed was that the itching was far more frequent and intense, plus it affected her mood. She had low energy and was a bit lethargic, which was extremely out of character for her. Once the rash began to spread, the itching was so bad that it kept her up ALL night. She never slept longer than 45-60 minutes at a time and would wake up crying and scratching vigorously.

Charlie is now doing better with the help of Zyrtec at night and frequent lathering of a Vaseline/Mineral Oil mix (equal parts of both). Aquaphor has also helped immensely. The rash is not contagious, although the virus is. While the itching should subside in a few days, the rash may last a week or so.

Moral of our story? If your little one has a rash that seems just a bit different than normal, heed our warning signs and get your doc on the phone asap!

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11 Year Old Dances To “Anaconda”… And KILLS It!

September 27, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 11.58.28 AM

While we’d be appalled if she was singing the lyrics, we can’t help but be entertained watching her dance to the infectious Nicki Minaj hit.

11 year old Taylor Hatala and her dance instructor, Laurence Kaiwai did a choreographed routine to Minaj’s “Anaconda”, uploaded it to Youtube and has since gone viral. Four million views later and Hatala is a bonafide star. “Its ALWAYS an honour teaching @ KORE & THIS specific 11 year old BEAST NEVER ceases to amaze me ! Dancing next to you is TOO INSANE little Taylor ! :),” Kaiwai posted on Youtube.

It’s a far (and welcomed) cry from Nicki’s raunchy, booty popping visuals for “Anaconda” and may we say it’s far better, too! #NoShade


Tyler Perry Confirms Girlfriend Is Pregnant!

September 27, 2014

The rumor mill has been buzzing all week with news that Tyler Perry and girlfriend, Gelila Bekele were expecting their first child. Finally, the filmmaker decided to dead the gossip and confirm the news himself!

“Good, good. We’re good. Very happy. She’s excited, I’m excited so we’re very happy,” Perry told The Associated Press about his upcoming bundle of joy. Perry and Bekele have been together, on and off, for the last five years. The 28 year-old Ethiopian model is said to be between seven and eight months pregnant and expecting a baby boy.

Congrats to the happy couple! Maybe his next film will be “Madea Delivers A Baby”.


Chelsea Clinton Gives Birth To A Baby Girl!

September 27, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 10.08.07 AM

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, Chelsea Clinton let the world know she had given birth to a sweet baby girl.

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 9.46.40 AM

Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky is the first child for Clinton and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky. Chelsea’s parents, Bill and Hillary Clinton are thrilled over the birth of their first grandchild. Both grandparents retweeted the exciting news!


Terri Seymour Pregnant With First Child

September 23, 2014

Baby season is still going strong! Now, we can add Terri Seymour to the ever-growing list of pregnant celebs.

The Extra correspondent revealed to HELLO! magazine that she’s four months pregnant with her first child. Terri and her model boyfriend, Clark Mallon are absolutely over the moon.

“It has been quite hard to keep it under wraps,” Terri told Hello!. “We haven’t told many people. It’s going to become so much more real when everyone knows. We were trying to get pregnant so this is the best news ever.” Clark added, “To start with it was quite a lot to get my head around – it’s such a life-changing event – but now I can’t wait to be a dad and start my family with Terri. She has just started to show and it’s very exciting.”

Awww, that’s too sweet!


And if you’re wondering how Seymour’s ex-boyfriend and best friend, Simon Cowell took the news, she said he was thrilled! “We were having dinner in LA and I told him and he was over the moon. Actually immediately after congratulating me the first thing he said was he had to be the godfather.”

Now, that’s a mature relationship!


SASY Mom Of The Week: Angelique Bates

September 22, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 3.11.08 PM

Angelique Bates is a mom on the move. You may remember her from Nickelodeon’s All That, but she’s done that and so much more! Whether she’s on the big screen, small screen or in-between, she’s busy making it happen for herself AND her kids. Learn more about this gorgeous actress and her adorable son and daughter below. Believe me, if you want to get your kid in the “business” then this is a must read!

What makes you a SASY Mom?
I get the job done. I am a Full-Time parent, Entertainer, & Business Woman and I some how manage to make it look easy.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 3.18.19 PM

As someone who has worked in the entertainment industry for years, were you apprehensive about allowing your children to do so?
I was at first, but my children see what I do and they love it. They always ask to come with me whenever they can. I would rather them be in the industry now while they love it and I can protect them, opposed to when they get older and don’t find it fun or aren’t under my protection.

What’s the hardest part about raising children in Hollywood?
The hardest thing about raising children in Hollywood is keeping people out of your parenting business. Everybody wants to try to influence your parenting in some way to suite their needs. That’s why a lot of parents get labeled “Stage Parents”. Some really are, but then there are some that are just doing what they are SUPPOSE to do. Some studios would rather you show less discipline and let the children be “free” and run around, but yet they don’t want any disobedient out of control children on set either or becoming a menace to society.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 3.21.37 PM

How do you keep them humble?
My children know whether it’s going to an audition, going to an event, or going to practice if your grades aren’t on point, if your work isn’t done, or if you want to act up you won’t get to do the fun things to until after you handle your business, period. I don’t care if it’s minutes before or we are in route. My children are very well behaved so it’s rare that I have to go there. But they are young and they are just having fun. I expose them to a lot of positive experiences like volunteering and helping out children their age, they see me when we are out on a regular day and I may go in to an establishment and buy food or a meal for someone, etc. I am always giving and they see that. And they ask questions. All I can do is lead by example and hope they follow or learn to be greater human beings.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 3.19.10 PM

How do you balance booking jobs for yourself, while also managing the careers of your children?
I still have not figured out to the answer to question yet. But definitely a lot of prayer is one. Lol

What advice would you give to other SASY moms looking to get their children into acting?
Make sure it is something you AND your children really want to do and enjoy. There are a lot of ups and downs in this industry. You have to have a good head on your shoulders and keep God and Education first. Nothing last forever. So make sure your child is prepared at all times. Make sure they are taking classes to perfect their craft. Because there is a child out there who’s parents have them practicing all day everyday. Never pay for an agent or manager. Legit representation takes their percentages from booked work. Definitely just make sure you do your research before jumping into anything and ALWAYS read the contracts before signing them. It’s okay to say no. Never sell yourself short. If you aren’t feeling something don’t force it. You are dealing with your child’s future. Handle with care.

And since we’re, we have to ask…what is your favorite pair of stilettos to rock on the red carpet?!
I would have to say my Marc Jacobs.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 3.17.06 PM

Make sure you follow this SASY Mom on Instagram @AngeliqueBates and Twitter @AngeliqueBates. If you know a SASY mom that we should featured send us an email at


Walking Dead Star Expecting Baby Boy!

September 21, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 1.19.56 PM

She may fight zombies on TV, but Sonequa Martin-Green will be battling diapers at home. The Walking Dead star is expecting her first child with husband, Kenric Green.

According to People, the Green family is expecting a baby boy in January. “There’s nothing like running around fighting zombies in the Georgia heat to stay in shape while pregnant,” Sonequa told the mag.

While Martin-Green is preparing for motherhood, she’s also gearing up for the return of The Walking Dead on AMC, October 12th.

Congrats, Sasha…we mean Sonequa!


Apparently Parents Still Don’t Understand…

September 21, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 4.09.19 PM

Will Smith’s 1988 hit still rings true, “Parents Just Don’t Understand”.

If you feel like you don’t understand your kids, here your chance to change things. The HUB networks new show, Parents Just Don’t Understand is an unscripted series hosted by Joey Fatone that gives parents and kids a chance to walk a day in each other’s shoes and experience firsthand the demands that each struggles to balance. Great concept, right?

Would you switch places with your kid? The pros: no responsibilities. The cons: high school, homework, teachers and bullies.

Take a look at the promo for Parents Just Don’t Understand and tune in when the show airs Saturdays at 7pm est.


Workout With Your Baby Like Evelyn Lozada!

September 20, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 6.03.08 PM

As a new mom it feels almost impossible to fit in a workout. Between feedings, crying, playing, pumping and everything else you have to do, working out gets knocked further and further down the list. That is until now.

Evelyn Lozada and may others have learned how to fit in a quick workout session while including their baby in the mix.

Ev had the great idea of putting her five month old son in his high chair and pushing that across the floor for a quick cardio sesh. Plus, putting the new bundle of joy in a stroller and hitting the neighbor for a walk also burns some calories with your cutie in tow. Below are eight more tips you can use to get fit with baby.


Also, check out Pinterest and Youtube…there a literally hundreds of tips for working out with baby (above are just my faves). Now, we have no excuse!

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It’s Friday…And Mama Needs A Drink!

September 19, 2014

By the end of a busy week a nice little libation is just what the doctor mama ordered. Here are two of my favorites…Vodka Lemonade Slush (if you have time to pre-make this earlier in the week) or Pinapple-Cran Cocktail (if you need a quick fix).


12 oz frozen lemonade concentrate
12 oz vodka
24 oz cold water
zest from 1 lemon
Lemon slices to garnish, if desired

In a large bowl combine lemonade concentrate, vodka, water and lemon zest. Stir together until well combined. Pour lemonade mixture into a shallow freezer-safe pan. Freeze mixture for at least 8 hours or overnight, stirring once halfway through freezing.
To serve, fluff ice crystals with a fork and spoon into glasses for serving. Garnish with lemon slices, if desired. (spotted on


1/2 cup pineapple juice
1/2 cup cranberry juice
3 ounces vodka
Splash of sparkling water

Begin by filling each glass with ice. Top with pineapple juice, cranberry juice and vodka. Stir to combine and top with a splash of sparkling water.

Enjoy, all you multi-tasking mamas!