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Guest Post: 5 Ways To Stay Healthy During The Hectic Holiday Season

November 30, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 6.59.41 PM

Hey SASY Moms! I’m so happy to introduce you to Jewel Gould, founder of We connected on Instagram, but we’ve found that we have so much more in common than just cute pics on social media :) Jewel is an amazing woman with an awesome story! Although she recently lost her mother to cancer, she’s turned tragedy into triumph with her magazine WhatAboutMommys.  WAM encourages moms to look and feel amazing by focusing on self esteem, health, fitness and fashion. This is why Jewel is the perfect person to give great tips on how to stay healthy during the hectic holiday season. So yes, we’ve all indulged during Thanksgiving, but my girl J is here to get us on track now, all the way through the New Year! ~ Modern Martha Stewart xo

Lovely mommies it’s the Holidays! Turkey, stuffing, lattes, shopping, and tons of desserts right?! But, besides all of the delicious Holiday treats, it’s also important that we don’t neglect our fitness goals and healthy lifestyles.

Because of the hustle and bustle, it’s much easier to keep nibbling on that pumpkin pie rather than cut up some fresh fruit. And let’s be honest, there’s just so many great foods that are delicious but, not necessarily nutritious at this time.

Instead of waiting until the New Year comes to “get back on track”. How about some tips and tricks that will assist you with keeping fit and focused during the “hectic Holiday season”.

1. Cook healthy meals.
If you cook healthy meals it will eliminate the need to buy food when you’re out shopping, etc. Because most times when we’re hungry, we reach for the unhealthy options. So plan your healthy meals ahead and cook, cook, cook!

2. Always incorporate a salad.
Salads are great for fiber, your skin, and to assist in giving you a great detox as well. So whether you have a salad for lunch, or include it as a side, eat as much salad as you can.

3. Don’t ditch your work outs!
This is a major one. During this time, because of our busy schedules, we tend to place our work out regimes on the back burner. But, even if you can’t make it to the gym, jog, walk, or put on a DVD. Whatever you do don’t skip your work outs.

4. Watch your portion sizes.
Stay away from the huge portion sizes. We are already “splurging” a little bit more, so be mindful of how much you eat at each meal.

5. Stress less.
Remember that above it all this is a time to truly enjoy your family, friends and loved ones. Don’t get too caught up on the material things. But truly embrace all that you have and get in a posture of thankfulness. This will help you to stress less. And remember stressed is desserts spelt backwards!

I hope that these little tricks and tips will help you to have a more relaxed, refreshed, happy and healthy holiday. Above it all remember to rock your smile, and commit to being fit.

Make sure you visit Jewel’s site What About Mommy’s and check her out on Twitter and Instagram @WhatAboutMommys.

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Photos & Videos: Reginae Carter Celebrates Sweet 16!

November 29, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 10.20.42 PM

Happy birthday, Reginae Carter!

Lil Wayne’s baby girl turned 16 years old and celebrated her bday the only way a hip hop princess could — an over-the-top affair with a special guest performance, dozens of celebrities, a few wardrobe changes and much, much more.

Rumor has it that the whole shin dig was filmed for an upcoming episode of MTV’s “Sweet 16″ and Kandi Burruss’ husband, Todd Tucker produced it. Until then, check out the videos and pictures below to see who came, who performed and what the birthday girl got!

The crowd sings happy birthday to Reginae.

Nicki Minaj performs “Moment 4 Life” at Reginae’s sweet 16!


Reginae received a Ferrari AND a BMW SUV for her 16th birthday!



Guest Post: A Few of My Favorite Things

November 26, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 3.51.22 PM

During my first “Club MomMe Fall Family Fest”, I had the great pleasure of meeting Amy Passantino, founder of Estella Grace. I was immediately intrigued by her classically, chic style and effervescent personality … she had me at hello (plus, she’s super cute :) see pic below)! But, it was more than just Amy I loved, it was her brand Estella Grace. From candles to soaps to dresses and more, EG was paradise for a girl like me. And the major bonus? Everything is made in the good old U.S.A.! This is why Amy is the perfect person to help you with your holiday shopping. Below are a few of her favorite things and I’m sure they’ll become yours, too! Enjoy Amy’s guest post and don’t forget to let me know what you buy :) ~ xo, Modern Martha Stewart


The Holidays are approaching and it’s my favorite time of year. The kitchen smells yummy and the house is getting decorated. For all of you shoppers out there here are a few of my favorite things! These Estella Grace handmade gifts are sure to make any mom smile.

#1 Hand Poured Soy Candles – These are not just any candles, they are in cute little jelly jars and will transform any house into a home. No matter what kind of day you are having this candle is sure to brighten it. Available in so many delicious scents, you can’t go wrong. From Blueberry Pie to our most popular scent, Estella’s Kitchen, they will make any home smell delicious. They are hand poured with love and made with 100% soy wax so they will burn for hours.


#2 Spa Gift Baskets – These gift baskets come pre-wrapped with a bow making your holiday gift giving that much easier. They are available in 2 amazing scents, Lavender and Orange Hibiscus. Each comes with a handmade, all-natural soap, bath salts, and an aromatherapy candle. So whether your fellow mom’s need a pick-me-up or a relaxing evening alone, this gift basket is sure to give them the spa treatment they deserve.


#3 The Happy Necklace – Classic elegance at its finest with this floating gemstone necklace that is limitless and boundless. The apple green chrysoprase and the canary yellow chalcedony are gemstones of happiness and peace that float on a 14k gold diamond cut 15″chain that sparkles beautifully against any neckline. They are AAA grade and promote joy while healing energies of depression and anxiety. A part of the proceeds of each purchase will be donated to the Cancer Research Institute so it’s the gift that keeps on giving!


We are so excited for the holidays and sharing our wonderful gifts with you that we are offering a special coupon to our Etsy Shop! Get 10% off your order at checkout when you enter CODE: Holiday10! Just click here to head straight over to our shop!

Season’s Greetings to all of you ‘Sasy’ Moms out there.

Best Wishes,
Amy Passantino

Founder: Estella Grace
Twitter: @EstellaGraceUSA
Instagram: @EstellaGraceUSA


A Mother’s Haven Makes A Big Move!

November 21, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 6.47.26 PM

When one door closes, another one opens!

That’s the motto for A Mother’s Haven — the maternity/baby boutique & education center will be moving to a brand new location on December 1st! According to the press release, Dec. 1st will be a soft opening with a full out grand opening event schedule for a few weeks later.

Doors will be closed at the current location at 15928 Ventura Blvd in Encino, CA on November 26th at 3 PM. December 1st, 2014 doors of the new location located at 16101 Ventura Blvd in Encino, CA will open at 10 AM and resume normal business hours at the new and improved location. The official Grand Opening Event and ribbon cutting will take place on Saturday, January 24th, 2015, from 2pm-5pm.

After 14 years of business, A Mother’s Haven has become a must visit destination for new parents within the San Fernando Valley and beyond. The boutique’s new owner, Bianca B. decided to relocate to a center that would give moms, babies and families a more positive experience. “I am so honored to be the new steward for A Mother’s Haven. Working with new families and babies gives me such a thrill! Our new location is in a family oriented center and is such a great fit for us and a great place for our customers. I am so excited for this positive change.” Bianca stated.

Congrats to A Mother’s Haven! I can’t wait to visit the new location :)

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Teen Saves Infant’s Life In Walmart!

November 18, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 11.54.33 PM

Abby Snodgrass is a hero … and she’s only 17 years old!

The quick thinking teen saved the day at a High Ridge, Missour Walmart when she performed CPR on an 11 month old baby who had suddenly stopped breathing. Snodgrass says she heard commotion from a few aisles over and sprung into action using the life-saving method she had just been taught in health class at Hillsboro High School in Hillsboro, Missouri.

“The one thought that crossed my mind was, ‘What if this doesn’t work?’ And I just had to push it out of my mind and keep going because I knew that’s what I had to do,” Snodgrass told ABC News.

Soon the baby began breathing again and the mother was beyond appreciative.

“We are exceedingly grateful to the young woman who helped our daughter,” the baby’s family said in a statement to ABC News, “Our daughter is home and healthy, and we couldn’t be more thankful.”

See the ABC News story below — it’s truly a miracle!

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Cute Alert: Solange and Son Jules Do Choreographed Dance At Reception

November 17, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 11.48.46 PM

Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson tied the knot on Sunday in an ultra unique ceremony in New Orleans. The biked to the church, had an epic photo shoot and partied down the street in a traditional second line after the reception. It was everything!

But now, we’re getting a glimpse inside the reception and, as expected, a good time was had by all — especially Solange’s 10 year old son, Jules. The mommy, son duo performed a fun, choreographed dance to “No Flex Zone” and it absolutely melted my heart. Take a look below!

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 11.44.52 PM

Image by Rog Walker

Image by Rog Walker


SASY Mom of the Week: Sonia Kang

November 17, 2014

Need a little mommy inspiration on this Monday? Look no further than Sonia Kang! As a wife/mother/entrepreneur, Sonia slays in every department. She makes time for her hubby, attends various activities with her FOUR kids and runs a successful clothing brand that is absolutely awe inspiring. All in all, Kang is Queen!

Learn a little more about SASY Sonia by reading our interview below.

As a mother of four, how do you makes sure to give each one of your children the individual attention they need?

It is really hard!! In addition to running my business, being a wife and a mom of four (one who has special needs), I volunteer at my kids’ schools, work with my non-profit organization and with our local hospital. Did I mention all of their after-school activities? We are always on the go. It took my little girl saying she wished she could spend one day with me all by herself for me to start scheduling “dates” with each kid, usually two kids per month. We pencil it in and we discuss what we’re going to do and they really look forward to it. My oldest loves a good movie, the next one is a foodie so we try out new spots, the 9 year old is happy with a fro-yo and chats, the 6 year old is all movement so a bike ride, skating, or park is all he wants to do. They look forward to it and even though it seems like I can’t squeeze in another hour…I look forward to our alone time as much as they do.


Not only do you hold it down at home, but you also created your own company, Mixed Up Clothing. We love the slogan “friendships through fabric”…please explain how your clothing line celebrates diversity.

My fashion-brand and company motto is based on my own personal story. I am mixed (Latina and Black); my parents were both active Military and relocated often. I was born in Puerto Rico, raised in Hawaii, before settling in California and marrying my husband who is Korean. Together we have 4 children that we raise as mini global citizens in today’s diverse world.
When my children were young I wanted to teach them about their multiculturalism so I sewed clothes for them using fun, vibrant prints that had cultural influences on the fabric. What I noticed was that we would get stopped by people asking about the fabric and in turn, the culture illustrated on the fabric. While talking about the clothes and the culture I realized that the clothing I was making was my vehicle to teach others about cultural diversity. Mixed Up Clothing was born!! One of our missions is for children to learn about different cultures that are on the fabrics so that an appreciation is formed and a friendship is made…friendships through fabric!

Your clothing line also has some pretty fierce frocks for the little ones! What are your fave pieces and how do you go about choosing you fabrics?

Ah so many personal faves! I have to say I love starting by finding funky prints that show cultural significance on the fabric such as a Kokeshi doll from Japan or a senorita print from Mexico. I learn about the culture and then I design a silhouette to go along with the fabric. The silhouette has a cultural influence as well such as an Asian-inspired kimono wrap dress or an India-inspired tunic. Awhile back, I designed a Woman and Girl’s coordinating look; the samples just came in and the finished look is so fun! I cannot wait to share the designs with you.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 9.07.22 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 9.06.59 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 9.07.11 PM

Now a days, so many mothers talk about “finding balance”. Do you think we focus on this too much or not enough? Should we redefine what “balance” really means?

I wonder if “finding balance” just leads to another way us moms beat ourselves up. How do you define balance, let alone reach, this goal? What does balance mean? For me each day gives me a chance to start over. I wake up take a look at my schedule and figure out a game plan. It’s about squeezing things in when you can, delegating what you can and letting go what is unnecessary. It’s about communicating your needs with your support system and asking for help when you need it. I will be honest and tell you I have learned the hard way that “balance” is a difficult way to go about measuring if you are a “good” mom, “good” businesswoman/friend/sister…. I kept trying to achieve this elusive “balance” and would feel guilty if I wasn’t doing what I thought I should be doing. I gave it up and each day I try my best to be present in whatever I am doing even if it means responding to emails at 2 am or writing this article on a Saturday night after my kids fell asleep. At the end of the day, all I can do is my best so if I have tried my best then I call that a good day.

And since we’re, we have to ask…what is your favorite pair of stilettos?!

OOH, I love a good pair of stilettos and I reserve them for special events, fashion shows, and celebratory occasions. Maybe I’m just a shoe-lover, but it seems like I don’t get to wear those good shoes often enough. Currently, I am obsessing over the Anouk by Jimmy Choo.


Yesssss, Sonia! We have to agree … those shoes are hot! Find out more about Sonia and her clothing brand “Mixed Up Clothing” on her Instagram and Twitter @MixedUpClothing.

Product Reviews

Product Review: Why “Tummy Calm” Should Be Called Mommy Calm!

November 14, 2014

Have you spent countless nights trying to calm a crying baby? Of course you have, you’re a MOTHER!

There were a few sleepless night, especially around the 5 or 6 month mark, where it got really tough for me. We had begun to introduce solids into #CharlieB’s diet and somethings didn’t sit well with her tummy. That led to looooong nights of crying (me and her), uncomfortable tossing and turning (me and her) and ultimately a variety of gas drops and home remedies that didn’t work.

That is, until I tried Tummy Calm. No one had suggested it, no one told me about it beforehand, I literally had never heard of it. I was just a desperate mother hanging out in Walgreens when I saw a product claiming to “provide safe, gentle and immediate relief for digestive upset.” I took the bait … and I’m so glad I did.

Not only is Tummy Calm a natural remedy for gas relief, but all of the ingredients come directly from “Mother Nature”. After giving my daughter Tummy Calm she seemed to feel better in a matter of minutes. Plus, it wasn’t hard to get her to take the drops because they actually taste good (yes, I tried them!). And although #CharlieB is now 17 months old and doesn’t have as many digestive issues as she used to, Tummy Calm still helps with pain from teething and hiccups.

Tummy Calm is something I recommend to my friends, family and even strangers (no, seriously). I love that it’s all natural, so there’s no fear of over-medicating your little one. And, most importantly, I love that it works!


Should Kim Kardashian Put Some Clothes On…Just Because She’s A Mother?

November 14, 2014

Ugh, put some clothes on. “You’re a mother!”

That phrase was uttered countless times in response to Kim Kardashian’s recent full frontal spread in Paper magazine and I have to admit, I’m sick of hearing it.

How I feel about the photo shoot isn’t really that important. Some people love it, others hate it, however, at the end of the day, what’s done is done. BUT (pun intended), I will say that it’s annoying to hear folks declare that she can no longer pose nude because she is a mother. As a mother, have I lost my sensuality? Can I no longer be viewed as sexy? Am I now relegated to nun-like attire for the rest of my existence? Get a life people, it’s 2014. Can we stop putting mothers in this mom jeans-wearing, mini-van driving, boring a** box?!


Or maybe you’re worried about how this will affect her daughter, North West? That’s a valid point, but I’m sure Kim will have a tougher time explaining that sex tape then she will this nude pictorial (which is one of many in the Kardashian catalogue).

Look, if you think the photos are tacky, tasteless or just unnecessary that’s fine and even understandable. But please, PLEASE, don’t say she can’t do it JUST because she’s a mother. Especially when, as mother’s when we try to breast feed it’s an epic problem, but when Kimmie Kakes is naked on every newsstand those same detractors applaud.


Disclaimer: If you really want to know my thoughts on the photos, here ya go…
I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest fan of the pics. She says she did them to prove she got her body back after giving birth, but we’ve already seen her in tight, stomach revealing dresses and itty bitty bikinis…boo, we know the body is back! Also, I find it odd that her husband, Kanye West, was so gung ho about it (he tweeted his excitement saying, “#ALLDAY”). Typically a husband likes to be the ONLY one to see his wife naked, but we all know Yeezy’s cut from a different cloth. And yes, what about little Nori. This could go either way. Maybe this will be a teaching moment about loving yourself and being confident. However, I fear it won’t be. The photos seem to be nothing more than a stunt, an attention grabbing moment from someone who almost admits to having an incredible level of narcism. We want our young girls to look up to accomplished women like Michelle Obama or Hilary Clinton, but what does flaunting your T & A accomplish? Lastly, I most certainly would never do it myself, but then again my body doesn’t look like hers and I’m sure we adhere to a different set of beliefs. Sooooo…

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Product Review: To ChubChub or Not To ChubChub?

November 11, 2014

As a mother, I am always looking for products that make life a bit easier. But, in my endless search there are definitely some hits and misses. So, where does ChubChub end up on the list? Well, let me tell you a little story…

It was a beautiful, balmy day and after a fun-filled afternoon at the Club MomMe Fall Family Fest, we hopped in the car and my husband gave our daughter, #CharlieB a tasty fruit and veggie pouch while she sat in her car seat. When it was time to take her out, she was COVERED in a orange sweet potato/carrot/apple/blueberry puree. Needless to say, the clean-up was an epic task (and that’s an understatement).

Fast-forward to our ChubChub test. I had heard good things about the product, but honestly, I thought it was just another needless apparatus … I was wrong. The ChubChub provided a no mess, no stress pouch-eating experience. I didn’t have to run behind #CharlieB with a wet wipe, I didn’t have to worry about her squeezing the pouch until it was empty and I didn’t have to worry about another epic clean-up — Plus #CharlieB seemed to have fun holding the handles like a little steering wheel (parent-approved fun with food)! My only con would be that if you’re not careful you could end up making a mess while trying to attach the ChubChub to your pouch.

All in all, I love ChubChub and would def recommend it — and so would #CharlieB!


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Giveaway: Garcelle Beauvais’ “I Am” Book Series!

November 11, 2014
i am book

Garcelle Beauvais and Sebastian A. Jones have created a series of books that instantly made me say, “why didn’t I think of that?”! It’s really such a great, yet simple, idea — create real life stories that children now-a-days can relate to.

Times have definitely changed. Not all families live on Main Street with a white picket fence, have a mom and dad, 2 children and 1 dog. Families today are multicultural, blended and sometimes, not living under the same roof. That’s where the “I Am” book series comes in. Because of their actual life experiences Garcelle and Sebastian know first hand how to speak to children who live these unique lives.

The I Am Book Series focuses and celebrates the diversity that exists in the lives of today’s children through our two little tykes, Nia and Jay (The series is written from a child’s perspective). I Am will stress to children that their uniqueness is a gift to be treasured, and while sometimes they may feel it is difficult to be different, they are far from alone. After all, every child is unique in their own way.

My daughter #CharlieB is only 17 months old, yet even she was intrigued by the bright colors, beautiful pictures and easy language in the “I Am” books (and that says a lot, not much keeps her attention these day, LOL). As a parent, I appreciated the different subjects each book touched on. Loving yourself, handling tough questions from friends, how to talk to your parents — both book helped in each of those areas and more. Plus, and the end of the books there’s an opportunity for more growth. There’s an about me section that kids can fill out, the family tree at the end of “I Am Mixed” is just perfect and the discussion questions are a help to both parents and kids.


I got to meet Sebastian and Garcelle at the Club MomMe Fall Family Fest and could see the passion they have for this project first hand. I truly appreciate them for providing this kind of literature to kids … ALL kids. Whether your children and mixed, living in separate homes or not experiencing either of those situations, they can still learn from the “I Am” book series. And because I feel the books are so important, I am offering a free giveaway of a signed copy of “I Am Mixed” and “I Am Living In 2 Homes”! Just go to our Instagram page @StilettosAndSippyCups to find out all the details!

You can also find out more about the I Am book series by clicking HERE.