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Hey, This Baby Doll Has A Penis!

In real life, kids have penises and vaginas, but apparently no one wants to see that kind of anatomy on a baby doll.

A New Jersey mother purchased the “You & Me Mommy Change My Diaper Doll” for her daughter and when she got the package home, she realized IT had a “special package” inside of its diaper. You see, the “You & Me” doll is a baby boy that drinks when he’s hungry, cries when he’s wet, oh and is anatomically correct!


The NJ mom freaked out and went on a whole Facebook rant, which then incited many other moms to join in her disgust. But, are these mothers over exaggerating? Maybe introducing your little one to the human anatomy isn’t a bad thing — it could even decrease curiosity in later years (and we all know curiosity can end badly). To each their own, but what do you think…is this doll offensive or does it aid parents in a teaching moment?

The doll is exclusively sold at Toys ‘R’ Us and if you’d like to get your hands on one just click HERE.

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Little Girl Sobs At The Thought Of Her Baby Brother Growing Up

What a sweet, sweet little girl!

When Sadie found out her little brother wouldn’t stay little forever her reaction was priceless. “I don’t want him to grow up,” she exclaimed while sobbing uncontrollably, “he’s so cute!”

Meanwhile, her baby bro thought it was quite humorous.

Check out the viral video below…it already has 19 million views!

I must admit, I understand where Sadie is coming from. I miss the days when my 14 month old daughter was just a itty bitty thing who needed me for everything. Now, she’s miss independent, opening cabinets and getting her own snacks. And while I miss the good ol’ days, I can assure you Sadie, things do get better with time. It’s true, you will sit back and reminisce about the sweet memories, but the new things that happen are great, too. Every milestone is something to celebrate, not be scared of. So yes, you will miss your brother being a baby, but you will love (and simultaneously hate) all the new things to come. Dry your eyes, sweet Sadie! xo

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5 Minutes To Fab! Quick & Easy Makeup Tutorial

Finally, a quick and easy makeup tutorial for all the SASY moms out there!

As an entertainment host, I wear my fair share of make-up daily. But as a SASY mom, I don’t have a lot of time for a full face of beat. That’s why I created “5 Minutes To Fab”…a quick and easy guide to accomplish a cute face for the day.

It seriously only takes 5 minutes with 5 products and you too can achieve a fabulous look. Check it out!


1. Maybelline Dream Fresh 8-in-1 BB Cream in “Deep Sheer Tint”: $5 – $8

2. M.A.C Powder Blush in “Ambering Rose”: $22

3. Covergirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner in “Black Onyx”: $5 – $7

4. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Mascara in Black: $8 – $9

5. Black Opal Color Splurge Patent Lips in “Impassioned Pink”: $6.75

Try it out and let me know what you guys think!


SASY Mom Of The Week: Shaquandra “Quan” Jamison

Shaquandra Jamison really is every woman #ChakaKhanVoice (or #WhitneyHoustonVoice if you prefer). The Flint, MI native, who currently resides in Los Angeles with her 20 month old daughter Madison, is the blueprint for how to blend baby life and adult life seamlessly. Plus, she has her priorities in place all because of some pretty awesome advice, “never cry over something that won’t cry over you.” Read more about the awesomely, amazing Quan below!

What is your favorite thing to do with your daughter?
My favorite thing to do with my daughter is play around with her toys, especially her musical instruments. I noted early on that she loves to dance and loves music so I try to make it fun for her.  We’ll play around with drums, guitars, microphone, piano, trumpet and just act silly. You name it, she has it.


How about without her?
There’s not really much I do without my daughter. Believe it or not I really LOVE being a mom and doing things with the kiddo. It’s almost like re-living my childhood. But one of my favorite things to do without her is to hang out at the comedy club or lounge; Have a few classy cocktails and get a little ratchet with my friends for an hour or two.

Not only are you a SASY mom, but you kick butt in business, too!  Tell our readers about the many professional hats you wear.
My “benefits job” as we like to call it, is working as an Accountant for the largest international middle-market public accounting firm. Living in Los Angeles, I also have the pleasure of working with different celebrities and athletes outside of working for the Firm.  I have my own small business “Accounting4Entertainers” where I consult with clients in regards to finances – anywhere from business plans, taxes, budgeting, etc.  I’m also dabbling in the “Momager” world. I’ve been convinced that my daughter has a money-making face, and I’m NOT the one to turn down a coin if it’s “good” money.  So we’ve been working with an Agency on getting her face in a few ads and commercials. I’m a little skeptical though, because these child-entertainers grow up to be crazy as hell and are almost deprived of their childhood. So I’m keeping my soul anchored in Jesus with this whole entertainment thing.

What advice would you give to other mothers trying to achieve balance between career and personal life?
One of my biggest pet peeves prior to having Madison, was people telling me what MY life would be like as a mom. Everyone’s journey is different, everyone’s lifestyle is different. The main advice I have is to do what makes YOU happy not what everyone else says SHOULD make you happy.  As a career mom it is challenging trying to succeed in a male-driven profession. So my biggest help in ensuring that my career didn’t skip a beat due to motherhood was to build a strong village. I have people around me that I can trust, who understand and respects my thoughts and views as a Mom. Having that strong village eases your worry and allows you to focus on work when you need to.  One of the partner’s at my firm gave advice that I would never forget in terms of work. She’s one of the few female partners in the firm, and she said to me “never cry over something that won’t cry over you”.  So I put that in perspective: would my job cry over me?? No. Would my daughter cry over me?? Everyday.  So that is who should always come first. Always.


What has been your most embarrassing moment as a mom?
My most embarrassing moment as a mom was hearing my daughter curse.  From that moment on, I knew I REALLY had to watch what I said in front of her.  Madison was walking through the hallway and taking big steps like she was stomping to a beat, and with every step she nodded her head side to side singing “ohh sh*t”, “ohhh sh*t”.  Luckily only I knew what she was trying to say so I was able to play it off. That seems to be my favorite saying whenever I make a mistake, realize I’m running late, or forgot something. So when I heard her saying it my mouth dropped. I had to be quick on my feet so I picked her up to put an end to her walking melody, and I started singing “Old McDonald had a farm” as that seemed to be the only song that started with “oh”.

And since we’re, we have to ask…what is your favorite pair of stilettos?!
My favorite pair of Stilettos is my Christian Louboutin Amor Leather Platform Ankle Boots.  They make me feel tall, sexy, and  powerful.  I turn into catwoman when I walk in those shoes. As much as they cost they better make me feel like a Superhero.

Christian Louboutin Amor 160mm Leather Black Boots

Flawless! Follow this #SASYMom on Instagram @Ms_QuanJ and if you know of any other SASY moms you’d like to see on S&S nominate them by sending an email to


Happy National Breastfeeding Month!

YAY! Let’s celebrate boobies and what they’re really meant to do…feed da babies!!

August is “National Breastfeeding Month” and the first week of the month is dedicated to “World Breastfeeding Week”. This year’s theme is “Breastfeeding: A Winning Goal For Life!”

To celebrate this awesome month, the United States Breastfeeding Committee is hosting a social media campaign inviting participants to share six word stories on what breastfeeding means to them. Participants will post a “selfie” photograph on Facebook and/or Twitter, holding a sign with their six word story using the hashtags #NBM14 and #SixWords. The USBC campaign will also focus on a specific sector/system of support with an aligned legislative goal:

August 1-3: Launch #SixWords campaign at USBC events in Washington, DC
August 4-10: Workplaces
– Save the date for the MomsRising #WellnessWed Twitter chat on August 6 from 2-3 p.m. ET
August 11-17: Hospitals / Health Care
August 18-24: Communities
August 25-31 (Black Breastfeeding Week): Families
– Save the date for MomsRising #WellnessWed Twitter chat on August 27, from 2-3 p.m. ET

One of my faves, Club MomMe will also be hosting an event honoring “National Breastfeeding Week” called the “Great Big MomMe Latch On”.

Latch On with Logos

Ladies get your boobies and babies ready and meet the MomMe’s at one of the locations below on August 7th…

Costa Mesa – Granola Babies at 12 pm

Canoga Park – My Nursing Coach at 12 pm

Pasadena – The Cradle Company at 12 pm

Playa Vista – Chess Park at 12 pm

Redondo Beach – The Mother Nurture Center at 1 pm

Santa Monica – The Right Start at 12 pm

Sherman Oaks – Earth Baby Boutique at 12 pm

Sherman Oaks – The Pump Connection at 12 pm

Torrance – South Bay Breastfeeding Support at 12 pm

West Hollywood – Mom’s The Word Boutique at 12 pm

If you’re not in the LA area, please let us know how you will be celebrating “National Breastfeeding Month” and we will share it with our readers.

Disclaimer: While we do believe “breast is best”, we are very sympathetic to those mother’s who cannot or choose not to breastfeed. Every mother has her own path and we support EVERYONE’s journey. xoxox

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Christina Aguilera Bares Baby Bump (and MUCH more) For V Magazine!

Wowza! Xtina got down right X-rated for her photoshoot with V magazine.

The powerhouse singer stripped down to nothing but her beautiful baby bump for the racy shoot and tells the magazine, “As a woman, I’m proud to embrace my body through all stages of life, staying fearless and confident in surrendering to the unknowns the future has in store.”   Amen, sista!

In other photos, the SASY mom wears a sheer white dress, exposing her nipples,  and laying with her man, Matt Rutler.  This will be the first child for Aguilera and her fiancé.  Christina also has a six year-old son named Max from her previous marriage.

Check out all the sexy snapshots in the gallery below.

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Model Doutzen Kroes Delivers Baby Girl

Victoria’s Secret is out of the bag — VS model Doutzen Kroes has given birth to a beautiful baby girl. Kroes announced the news on Instagram posting a picture of her gorgeous family.

A miracle saw the light of day this morning. Welcome Myllena Mae Mommy, Daddy and big brother Phyllon are super proud!

But, just because she’s a model, don’t think she’s obsessing about her body. The SASY mom told Glamour magazine earlier this year that, “I don’t like to stress about [my body]. I look to my sister, a nutritionist, to help me lose the weight [after the baby is born].”

This is Doutzen’s second child with her hubby, Sunnery James. The couple also have a three year-old son named Phyllon. Congratulations to the entire family!

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Alicia Keys Is Pregnant With Second Child!

Congratulations are in order for Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz.  The superstar couple is not only celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary, but they also just announced they’re expecting baby number two!

“Happy Anniversary to the love of my life @therealswizzz !! And to make it even sweeter we’ve been blessed with another angel on the way!! You make me happier than I have ever known! Here’s to many many more years of the best parts of life!,” Keys posted on Instagram.

Swizz posted a similar pic on his Instagram page with a sweet message to his wife.

Love is life & life is love and we’re so excited for another GIFT from up above Happy Anniversary my Goddess 4 years of greatness & cheers to 100 plus more inshallah @aliciakeys

Mr. and Mrs. Beatz already have one son, Egypt, and Swizz has three other children from previous relationships. Congrats again to Alicia and Swizz!

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Top Hollywood Trend…Baby Bumps!

Seems like these days every celebrity is sporting sky-high Christian Louboutin stilettos, a super chic Céline bag and the ever-so-stylish baby bump — It really is this year’s hottest accessory.

Well, if you’re looking for a round-up of all the stars showcasing bumps, look no further. Check out this picture gallery featuring 26 pregnant celebs. Oh, and let us know if we missed someone.

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Go Inside Kelly Rowland’s “Fabulista” Baby Shower

Kelly Rowland seems to be enjoying every moment of her pregnancy, which feels like it’s progressing in hyper-speed!

She’s given us sneak peeks at her bump by posting pics on Instagram doing yoga, working out and frolicking on the beach. Now, the uber-private singer is graciously letting us inside her baby shower.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.05.35 PM

As the Caress Fabulista, Kels is the face of the skincare line which threw her a pseudo-shower on Wednesday. In celebration of her impending arrival, the blue-themed bash featured chic decor and tons of sweet treats.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.05.19 PM

Rowland and her hubby/manager, Tim Witherspoon are expecting a baby boy in just a few months. While speaking to E! News, Kelly gushed about Witherspoon and of course, her soon-to-arrive bundle of joy. “I’m extremely excited. First of course for myself and my husband. We couldn’t be more happy,” Rowland says, “He’s just super supportive. He’s like have you eaten today? Did you take your vitamins? Did you drink enough water? He’s so hands on and I’m just so blessed,” she adds. “I just love him, he’s like the greatest guy ever. He’s so awesome I just can’t believe how blessed I am…and he is too! He’s an amazing man.”

Awww, congrats again Kelly — You will definitely be a SASY Mom! See more pics from Kelly’s Caress shower in the gallery below.


SASY Mom Of The Week: Casandra Walker

Look at this hottie!

Casandra Walker is our SASY Mom of the Week and rightly so. Cas epitomizes “SASY” for several reasons — not only is she stylish, smart, sophisticated and successful, but she’s an amazing mom to Grae (4 yrs. old) and Gavin (6 mos.)…she really is the entire package. Get to know Casandra a bit better by checking out the interview below.

What makes you a SASY Mom?
I think I’m a SASY mom because I stay true to my style while running from business meetings to soccer practice. I certainly keep my sense of culture, creativity and expose my children to exploring the world around us. Ambitious is my middle name, and this is a life lesson that can only be taught from leading by example. I think my boys will learn great business and social skills from their parents, as we are both dedicated entrepreneurs, working 7 days a week and involved parents, making time for it all.

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 8.48.45 PM

What is your favorite thing to do with your kids?
I love spending time with my kids anytime any day. Bringing them to explore at the zoo or beach is always fun to watch them learn and see the excitement on their face. But I also enjoy the relaxing days at home with my kids. Finding the joy in a good book or backyard water play melts my heart too.



How about without them?
Away from my kids I certainly enjoy an adult day of shopping, dinning, a little spa treatment or catching up on some much needed sleep.


Not only are you a SASY mom, but you kick butt in business, too! Tell our readers about your company and why you do what you do.
I launched a full service PR/Marketing Agency, RCW Media Group, 5 years ago. We help small to medium size businesses with branding, marketing campaigns, secure product placement, & PR services. I absolutely love the creative process of launching new product, rebranding an existing company, creating advertising imagery for a new marketing campaign, designing marketing material, coordinating events and watching a brand/company evolve. I do what I do with so much dedication because I truly enjoy making other businesses success and enjoy the entire process from start to finish. No two clients are ever the same and no day at the office is like another, makes my job spontaneous and allows me to work with a variety of people.

And since we’re, we have to ask…what is your favorite pair of stilettos?!
Well, my wardrobe has changed over the last year with my second pregnancy and new addition that is 6 months old now. So Stilettos are not being purchased as often as they once were. I am more frugal with my purchases, lol. I would have to say at the moment my favorite stilettos are a classic pair of Ralph Lauren resort shoes I got last season. Loved them so much I actually bought the sling back and regular pump-my rule has always been, “If you love it, buy two styles or two colors”, so you will have longevity in that style shoe even after the first pair is done ☺


See, she’s amazing right?! Make sure you follow Casandra on Instagram @RCWMediaGroup and on Twitter @RCWMediaGroup.
Also, if you would like to nominate a “SASY Mom of the Week” send us an email at