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Kate Middleton Is Pregnant Again…Maybe

Prince William and Kate Middleton (Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge to you commoners) are preparing to celebrate little Prince George’s first birthday on July 22nd, but rumor has it the royal beauty is already pregnant with baby number two! Before we believe the hype though, we must consider the source.

Today I read this headline, “Kate Middleton Is Pregnant with Baby Number Two! Her Best Friend Spills the Beans”. First of all, a REAL best friend would never divulge such information — the G-Code (girlfriend code) would never allow such things to happen. The article following the smh-worthy headline was just as shady. Radar Online reports that Kate Middleton’s pal Jessica Hay is chatting openly about the news, saying to Australia’s New Day, “Kate’s inner circle are buzzing with the news that she is pregnant. I’ve heard it from several different friends of theirs now and they’re saying that they think there’s going to be an official announcement in weeks.” Whaaa? You’re her “best friend”, yet you get the news from friends of her inner circle? By definition of BFF, you should be IN the inner circle!

This entire thing sounds a little fishy, but in the off chance the Duke and Duchess are expecting baby #2 then S&S sends a huge congratulations!! However, we’re going to wait for an official press release from the Royal Family before we go shopping for a baby gift.


Video Of The Day: Man Uses GoPro To Record His Wife Giving Birth!

Well, GoPro just got the commercial of the year! Troy Dickerson used “the world’s most versatile camera” to record his wife Kristin giving birth.

In the almost 10-minute video posted on Youtube, you can hear Troy attempt to coach his wife during her intense labor. But if you know anything about birthing babies, you can tell Kristin might not make it to the hospital room in time.

Spoiler alert: She doesn’t. As Troy pulls the vehicle into the Texas Medical Center valet, Kristin gets out and literally can’t even sit in the wheelchair to make it to her room. Here comes the good part…

Troy: Don’t push yet, don’t push!
Kristin: His head is out…I’M NOT KIDDING!!!!!

Before you know it, ta dah…there’s a baby!

This is a must see video. Check out the exciting birth of little Truett Dickerson!

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Baby On Board: Eva Mendes Expecting First Child With Ryan Gosling!

After denying pregnancy rumors earlier this year, it turns out Eva Mendes really is with child!

The stunning actress and her equally attractive beau, Ryan Gosling are expecting their first baby together really, really soon. According to OK! Magazine, Mendes is seven months along.

Just five months ago, folks started whispering about a possible baby on board when Eva refused to go through the body scanner at LAX Airport. At the time, the actresses rep denied the gossip, but obviously the spies got it right.

Now, the question is — should you lie about being pregnant? Some women believe it’s bad luck, while others think it’s a private situation and they can do what they want. What do you think?

Oh, and side note: You chicks crying over Ryan being the father of Eva’s child and not yours need a reality check… 0 to 100, REAL QUICK! You never had a shot, boo boo!

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What Kelly Rowland’s Baby Bump Pics Say About The Type Of Mother She’ll Be

Just three weeks ago Kelly Rowland announced she was pregnant. Set to give birth to her first child later this year, Kels is already giving us a glimpse at what type of mother she’ll be with just a few pics on Instagram.


Kelly is showing no signs of slowing down. If anything, she’s full force ahead and will probably continue to be after she gives birth. Kelly’s career will take a backseat to her baby, BUT don’t think the songstress will be putting down her mic. Expect new music soon and even more after her little one arrives.


Rowland may go hard on the stage, but she will definitely stop and smell the roses. Expect her to take some time to enjoy being a mother and soak it all in. But, like I said earlier, this by no means will result in a full retirement from recording.


Oooohhhhhmmmmm. Prenatal yoga is one of the best things you can do for your body when pregnant. It’s clear Kels is focused on finding peace and harmony during this amazing time in her life and I’m sure this will carry over to motherhood.


The former Destiny’s Child member will be ’bout that snapback life! Not missing a beat, Rowland has been putting in work at the gym while preggo, so expect to see her go hard once she pops that kid out! I give her two months and she’ll be back to that pre-pregnancy weight. But, no pressure Kelly…you’ll look fabulous regardless!

Like a true SASY mom, it looks like Kelly will find the perfect balance in motherhood. Congrats Kels (and her hubby/manager Tim Witherspoon), we can’t wait for your baby boy to arrive!

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Our Favorite No Fuss, No Muss Fourth of July Snacks!

Let’s be honest, very few of us sit around on Independence Day celebrating the Declaration of Independence and our decision to chuck the deuces to Great Britain. If you’re like me, the 4th of July is reserved for good food and fun fireworks!

So, in honor of this festive holiday I’m posting a tasty treat you can prepare with your kiddo and a special libation when it’s time to get your grown folk on!!

First up, a strawberry snack that easy to prepare and delicious to eat.


Strawberries, washed and dried
White chocolate
Blue sugar, edible glitter, or sprinkles (blue sugar is shown in the picture)

Place blue sugar in a bowl. In a separate bowl, melt the chocolate in the microwave on 50% power for two minutes. Stir until the bowl is no longer warm. Then microwave for 30 second intervals at 50% power, stirring after each, until the chocolate is completely melted. Dip the lower two thirds of the strawberries in the melted white chocolate. Then, dip the lower third of the strawberries in the blue sugar or spoon it onto the strawberry. Place on wax paper or Silpat until completely cool.

Now, put those kids to bed and let the real party begin. While most functions will have beer and liquor, this little “Red, WINE & Blue” summer spritzer will definitely hit the spot on what is sure to be a hot night.


white wine (Barefoot Reisling suggested)
white soda (Diet Sierra Mist suggested…Although I switched it for Sprite)
frozen cherries
frozen blueberries

This drink is 2/3 wine and 1/3 white soda, though just eye ball it. Throw in some frozen cherries & frozen blueberries and enjoy!

It doesn’t get any easier than that! Now, those are just two of my favorites but if you’re looking for more 4th of July inspired treats check out Crazy for Crust.

Strawberry recipe spotted @ The Sister Cafe
Spritzer recipe spotted @ Wine and Glue

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Lil Wayne’s Little Baby Is All Grown Up!

Man, where did the time go? Last year it seemed like Reginae Carter was just a little girl, now Lil Wayne’s daughter is all grown up…almost!

Officially a Young Money artist, the 15 year-old is following in her father’s footsteps with her new single, “Mind Goin’ Crazy.” The age appropriate video shows young Carter, who is the spitting image of her mother Toya Carter, having fun with friends while thankfully fully clothed!

You can check out the video below, which Wayne premiered as a part of his “Weezy Wednesday” series. Also, Reginae’s debut album, Becoming Reginae, is coming soon as well.


Recall Alert: Graco Recalls 1.9 Million Car Seats!

After recalling about 4.2 million forward-facing child seats earlier this year, Graco Children’s Products has now reluctantly recalled an additional 1.9 million rear-facing infant seats with the same faulty harness buckle.

The troublesome buckle can make it difficult to free a child during an emergency. And although Graco told federal regulators it did not want to recall the infant seats because the seat was of a different design, they eventually caved due to pressure from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


To determine if your infant and/or toddler car seat is affected please click HERE.

This is the second company to have a major recall this year due to a faulty buckle. In April, S&S told you about the 1.3 million car seat recall from Evenflo.


RECALL ALERT: Evenflo Pulls Over 1 Million Car Seats From Store Shelves!

If you have an Evenflo car seat check it NOW! The popular baby brand has voluntarily recalled more than 1.3 million car seats due to a faulty harness crotch buckle.

Over time, the buckle becomes resistant to unlatching, making it very difficult to remove a child. The affected car seats were sold between 2011 and 2014.

Below is a list of the models included in the recall…

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 3.45.22 PM

If you own one of these car seats Evenflo is asking that you order the harness buckle repair kit by clicking here or call 1-800-490-7591.

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Royal News: The Cutest Pictures of Prince George EVER!

The royal family visited New Zealand this week, but it was little Prince George who stole the show!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, or Willie and Kate as we like to call them (we know, so uncouth), made a special trip to NZ to visit Plunket. As described on their website, Plunket is “New Zealand’s largest provider of support services for the development, health and wellbeing of children under 5.”

During their trip, Prince William, Catherine and baby G got the chance to hang out with the Plunket play group and that’s when Prince George turned on the charm!

From eating mommy’s hair…

To standing on his two little feet…

Prince George seemed to be having a great time. He even got a gift from the Plunket staff!

But it was THIS photo of a sweet embrace between mum and son that had us saying “awwwwww”.

Isn’t that just the cutest thing ever! Which pic is your fave? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Ciara Celebrates Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Baby Shower!

She may not be a Covergirl, but Ciara was the epitome of easy, breezy and beautiful at her baby shower Saturday afternoon.

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 1.53.48 PM

Sporting a Naeem Khan caftan dress, Ci Ci looked effortlessly fabulous while snapping pics with her celeb friends. The singer’s BFFs, LaLa Anthony and Kim Kardashian stopped by and we’re sure they dished out a little parenting advice.

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 1.54.28 PM

And of course, Kimmy’s mom, Kris Jenner also showed up.

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 1.51.51 PM

There was also a beautiful blue cake to celebrate the impending arrival of Ci’s baby boy.

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 1.51.34 PM

But, the icing on the cake? Ciara’s fiancé, Future came to show his boo some love.

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 1.50.50 PM

This’s Man Right Here!:)….. #TodayWasAnotherOneOfTheSweetestDaysEver! Surrounded By Nothing But Love! GoodNight:)


#NormalizeNursing Support The Movement!

What’s. The. Big. Deal?!

Any other time men are clamoring to see a pair of boobs, but heaven-forbid we whip them out for someone other than them…smh.

For some unknown reason, riots practically break out at the site of a mother simply breast-feeding her child. While wearing cover-ups has become the socially acceptable common ground for those who are offended by public feedings, it is not always practical — especially when you have a handsy baby who hates to be covered. This is why we LOVE #NormalizeNursing!!!

Created to support mothers who breastfeed in public, #NormalizeNursing has become a trend gaining more and more popularity on social networks. Recently, “America’s Top Model” alum and SASY Mom, Yaya (Dacosta) Alafia posted a picture of herself nursing her baby boy, Sankara and wrote the following…

i know i’m mad late, but i haven’t been on the computer much lately. just heard about the uproar over @ash3nicole pic & had to post a copycat photo in solidarity. hope you don’t mind, beautiful sistren. i’m so proud of you and stand by you! #breastisbest #whattheyaremadefor #getoverit #mamasunite #movement

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 10.16.55 AM

Yaya’s post was in solidarity with Ashley Nicole (NFL pro Philip Wheeler’s girlfriend) who received tons of backlash for posting this…

Was on the way out the door but then mommy duty called… Everything stops for him! #breastisbest #natureisbeautiful #IWasMadeForThis

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 10.05.43 AM

Ashley and Yaya aren’t the first ones to take a stand on this issue. Remember this 2008 W magazine with a nursing Angelina Jolie on the cover?


And last December, Gisele posted this SASY Mom pic, showing off her multi-tasking skills.

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 10.55.20 AM

It’s been a topic of conversation for many years, but it seems that now women are finally saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! All we’re trying to do is feed our children. We’re not flashing anyone, we’re not forcing you to look and we’re definitely not being indecent. Furthermore, you see more boob from following Rihanna on Instagram than you do from me nursing my child. Primetime TV has more inappropriate moments than I do while nursing. The world is waaaay more vulgar, than me doing what nature has called me to do.

You detractors better get on board because us breastfeeding mamas aren’t going anywhere!