I’ve been dreading this day for some time now, but it finally happened. #CharlieB went off to daycare…

For the last 19 months, when the Hubby and I were at work, Charlie spent time with her awesome caretaker Valencia. She took great care of Charlie; She taught her letters, shapes, colors, numbers, etc., they played, laughed, learned … it was great. But, one thing was missing — interaction with other children. Sure, we went to play groups, music time and gymnastics class, but there needed to be more. So, as a family we decided to try out daycare.

It took a loooong time to find the right place, but we feel happy and comfortable with our choice. Unfortunately, that didn’t make today any easier 🙁

The Drop-Off: We had visited the daycare center twice before today, so Charlie was a bit familiar with the facility and her teacher. However, that only eased a bit of her apprehension. She walked into her classroom, played with a toy phone and some blocks … but NEVER took her eyes off of mommy and daddy. We hung out for a while, trying to help Charlie assimilate to her new surroundings and after 15 minutes she seemed to warm up a bit. Time for the magic trick known as “The Disappearing Parents”! When Charlie wasn’t looking we slipped away and out of the door. We took a peek inside and saw her looking for us, but luckily, there were no tears! That’s a success, right?

Alllll Day at Work: I thought I would feel better knowing that Charlie didn’t cry when we left, but that wasn’t the case. Did she cry after we drove off? Did she cry all day? Does she think we abandoned her? Will she resent me? Were the other kids nice to her? Did we make the wrong decision for our daughter’s life??? I had a million questions running through my head all day.

The Pick-up: Finally, it was time to pick up my baby!!! I don’t know who was more excited me or Charlie. It was a scene straight out of the movies — we spotted each other across the room, locked eyes and ran into each other’s arms, in slow motion of course. I don’t think we’ve ever hugged each other tighter. When I finally loosened my grip, Charlie’s teacher proceeded to tell about her day.

She cried for just a “hot second” when she realized we were gone. She played well with the other kids. She was also very polite to the teachers and said “please” and “thank you” when appropriate. She did well during nap time and seemed overall pretty happy. The only downside was she wouldn’t eat…at all.

After getting that report I feel like day one was pretty successful. During the car ride home I asked Charlie if she wanted to go back tomorrow and she said “yes”, which is a good sign! I’ll just make sure to pack her lunch just in case she doesn’t like the school’s options again.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be easier for me too. She didn’t cry all day. She didn’t feel abandoned. And it’s seems like she had a great day. Maybe I should just follow her lead.

Today was such a special day that Charlie decided to put on her pretty princess tiara and party dress!

Today was such a special day that Charlie decided to put on her pretty princess tiara and party dress!