Wale loves Black women!

The “Ambition” rapper took to Instagram to share his “special affinity” for the women he was constantly surrounded by. Using a super cute photo of three little Black girls, Wale posted his special message for the world to see.

Black is Beautiful . This picture inspires me ., so proud optimistic . I love our women.. And me lovin our women doesn’t mean in puttin any others down.. I just want to articulate that I have a special affinity for them because I grew up wit black woman raised by one and see what they go through . Thank you @creativesoulphoto sweet photo

Wale’s bold display of affection was infectious. KeKe Palmer reposted the same picture with the following message.

Had to repost this. Till this day I jam out to “Illest B*tch Alive”. I feel the love & appreciation my brother. So many divide us, thank you for always supporting us.

Special shout out to @CreativeSoulPhoto…such a sweet photo!