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Kickin’ It In Kiddie City: Why Your Kids Will Love This Place!

Charlie B. and I have been to our fair share of kid gyms/playrooms/classes/activities in the LA area. From day one, it was always my mission to find the hot spots where the tots have fun til they drop! But, if I’m being honest, CB seemed to out grow many of them quickly. Whether it was mentally or physically, Charlie was never interested in one place for too long — that is until now. Mommies, I think we have found the eighth wonder of the world … Behold, Kiddie City!

Don’t you just love it when I get super dramatic 😀

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Adorn Your Tot With Livi B. Accessories!

One of the best things about raising little humans is dressing them like big humans! Gone are the days of overtly-obvious kiddie clothes adorned with Elmo, Barbie and the likes. Now-a-days, little ones are wearing more couture and less Cookie Monster. Seeing tiny tots draped in fur, fancy shoes and fabulous bags has become the norm … and I love it! Which is why I love Livi B. Accessories even more. I got to chat with owner, April Jones, and she gave me a little insight into her new fashion venture and her mini muse, Miss Olivia Blair 🙂

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How I Almost Let Social Media Ruin My Parenting + How You Can Avoid The Trap

I love social media and I’m sure that will never change. They way it connects people, the insightful things I learn, the funny memes … seriously, it’s one of the greatest inventions of all time. But, too much of a good thing can be bad. Very, very bad. And I almost let social media take me down a dark road that few ever recover from. Ha! Sorry for the dramatics, it wasn’t that bad, but I do feel like it was affecting the way I was parenting in a less than positive way.

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How To Pick The Perfect Avocado In 5 Easy Steps!

Forget Peter Piper and those stupid pickled peppers, Vanessa Barnett just pick the perfect avocado. Boom!

Why is this a big deal? Well, if you have to ask this question then either you don’t eat avocado (WTH?!?) or you’re some weird alien who picks the perfect avocado every time (again, WTH?!?). But, if you’re like the rest of the non-perfect picking people of the world, then you’ve run into your fair share of too ripe, not ripe enough, rotten avocados. Unfortunately, and for some unknown (or maybe just unknown to me) reason, getting it just right in the avocado department is quite a daunting task. Well, because I’ve done it once, I am now an expert and thus I must teach everyone I know my vast and expansive knowledge of all things “perfect avocado”.

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A “Home” Extravaganza! Color Me Mine and a Chat With Director Tim Johnson

I’m not quite sure who’s a bigger “Home” fan, me or little Miss Charlie B!! Either way, Oh is the man and we got to spend the day with him 🙂

Me, Charlie and Daddy joined Oh, director Tim Johnson and more at Color Me Mine in Studio City for a fun filled day of decorating and painting. CB decide to do a little “free hand” art while Daddy got creative and drew his Oh to perfection.