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This Fit Mom Is Eight Months Pregnant!

Meet Sarah Stage. She’s eight months pregnant and basically broke the internet with her super hot, super svelte preggo pics. Check out her pregnancy pics month-by-month to see her transformation. It really is incredible!









And this was Sarah just four days ago.

Eek officially 81/2 months… And he’s now 5lbs #34weeks

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 2.23.18 PM

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Jordan Tesfay

Meet SASY mom, Jordan Tesfay — Actually, you probably already now this mommy model! She broke down barriers as CoverGirl’s first plus size CoverGirl Model, but this newlymom (kinda like newlywed, get it?!) isn’t resting on her laurels. With an 11 month old daughter and numerous professional endeavors, Tesfay truly is the epitome of a SASY mom. Find out more about her in our Q&A below.

S&S: What do you think makes you a SASY Mom?
JT: Like many new moms, I learned to juggle baby, career and household responsibilities without a manual. All the while, managing to apply makeup, do my hair and workout; so that I looked and felt good about myself.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 12.28.51 PM

S&S: Not only are you a SASY mom, but you’re a history-making model as well! What does it mean to you to be the first plus size CoverGirl?
JT: Covergirl is an iconic American brand that most models dream of representing, because plus size models are often are not afforded the same opportunities as their slender counterparts. I was honored and humbled at the chance of making history, as the first plus model ever to appear in a beauty campaign for Covergirl.

S&S: Curvy seems to be very “in” right now … As a mother to a young girl what do you hope to teach your daughter, Zarah about body image?
JT: My daughter has a very bright and wonderful spirit. I hope that I can teach her to never lose sight of the voice within her. That voice that will guide, protect and honor her so she has the confidence to look within rather than externally for role models.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 12.26.11 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 12.44.25 PM

S&S: For many years it seemed as though modeling and motherhood couldn’t mix, but now we see lots of models having babies and even bringing them to set. Has the modeling industry become more accepting of mothers or is it still a stigma within the industry (behind closed doors)?
JT: No, I wouldn’t say there is a stigma in the industry. Except that the challenge is often how quickly your body can bounce back after having the baby. The faster you bounce back, the more your celebrated. So perhaps there does exist a stigma, if a woman does not bounce back quickly after giving birth.

S&S: You’re in fantastic shape! Was it tough “bouncing back” after giving birth? What was/is your fitness regimen?
JT: Thanks! As your readers know, new moms especially, have to squeeze exercise in when they can. Early morning Yoga via youtube, while I watch my little one, and power walking are my favorite ways to stay in shape. I also try to be mindful of my diet. I support my fitness regimen with a healthy diet, balancing complex carbs with proteins and using my Nutribullet for healthy juices.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 12.25.52 PM

S&S: In addition to mommy and model, you are also a lawyer and entrepreneur! Can you tell us about your other endeavors and how you’re able to juggle everything?
JT: Through Gods grace and family, I happily manage to juggle it all. I enjoy organizing and planning ahead, daily, weekly, yearly and long term goal writing is something that I do regularly. Writing my goals and activities down helps me to organize and compartmentalize my thoughts. Once I write it down, I stop worrying about whatever the task is and just check it off once it’s completed. Also, I take time to
pamper myself. Simply things like a bath with my favorite oil or an at home manicure, help to refresh my mind and spirit.

S&S: And since we’re, we have to ask…what is your favorite pair of stilettos to rock on the catwalk?!
JT: My Kate Spade Patent Nude Pumps. Love them!

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 12.26.32 PM

Model, mogul and mommy … isn’t that impressive! Make sure you keep up with Jordan and her fabulous life on Twitter and Instagram @JordanTesfay.


Dominique Penn

Who runs the world? GIRLS Dominique Penn! Being a mommy of two little boys is already a handful, but this gorgeous momnpreneur also has a bun in the oven, a successful boutique and children’s book series, plus she fully supports her husbands who spends a lot of time on the road due to his job in the NFL … needless to say, Mrs. Penn is one busy lady. But, she took some time out of her hectic schedule to chat with Stilettos & Sippy Cups and give some advice on being organized and following your dreams, plus she gave some insight on being a “football wife” (hint: it’s not what you think!).

S&S: You are the mother of two boys with a little princess on the way!  How do you think raising a girl will be different than raising your boys?  Are your two little ones ready for a baby sister?!

DP: Raising a girl will be totally different from raising my boys. At least, I hope so lol. I am expecting to buy dolls and princess items, opposed to monsters and cars all the time. It will be refreshing to buy pink and purple head-bands and tutus instead of basketball shorts and tennis shoes.


DP: My two little ones Donald & Dominick are ready for a baby sister! Especially my oldest, he wants his sister to make chocolate chip cookies for him and watch movies with him. My youngest, Dominick, still doesn’t quite get it yet, but he pulls my stomach to his face all the time and kisses my navel! He knows something is in there lol. It truly is the sweetest thing ever.


You created a blog and baby boutique called “Everything Mrs. Penn Loves”!  Tell us about your brand?  Also, you’re an author too!  Tell us about your children’s book series.

My brand is about “Everything” that I love, from items in target, to family, to different products and more. I built “Everything Mrs. Penn Loves” to share my life with the world and to engage/inform other moms with items that I may see that I like or items that I may carry in my store.

My children’s book series is what I am the most proud of! I created the series to express the love between my eldest son, Donald , and his life adventures while captivating the love between friends and family! I have a total of 10 books in the series with the first three that released this year!! The Many Adventures of Donald series has been truly one of my favorite projects of all!


 What does Mrs. Penn absolutely LOVE about being a mompreneur?

I absolutely love that this is  my “OUT”! A lot of times when you are a stay at home mom, with the kids, day in and day out, you can easily lose yourself. This gives me my “OUT” and it makes me feel good to do something that I love, for myself.


 Your husband is a NFL player and has to travel a lot with his team, how do you manage raising the kids, taking care of home and running a business when he’s gone so often?

I manage everything with a book organizer, my iphone, and a great support system. While building my businesses, my family comes first. If they need me, I’m there and I don’t let any business get in the way of that and its been working thus far, #Family1st.

What is the most common misconception about “football wives”?

There’s a lot of misconceptions about “football wives” or “wives” in general. I think the biggest one is that were all complacent in where we are in life and our lives are so easy. I have met a lot of women that are dedicated to the their families , who want to become “mompreneurs”. Women that want to branch out and start their own thing but at the same time they understand what it takes to hold down the household . I’ve met successful women that have foundations and businesses that are making names for themselves that you will never hear about because we aren’t “famous”. So I think that’s  one of the biggest misconception of all.

In addition, a lot of people think our lives are  “easy” because we have “money” as if money is the solution to all of our problems. I know I can speak for many wives/ fiancées/ gfs out there that there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. When our men are in pain, tired, or missing childbirths, Christmas holiday parties or school recitals, money cant replace those moments.


And since we’re, we have to ask…what is your favorite pair of stilettos?!

My favorite pair of stilettos are my Versace “Signature Medusa High Heel Sandals” in black! They are so stylish and comfortable to wear!! They are truly my all time favorites!!



Make sure you follow Dominique on Twitter  @DominiquePenn and Instagram @EverythingMrsPennLoves.  Also, check out her store “Everything Mrs. Penn Loves” online and at 16736 Ventura Blvd, Encino Ca 91436.


SASY Mom of the Week: Sonia Kang

Need a little mommy inspiration on this Monday? Look no further than Sonia Kang! As a wife/mother/entrepreneur, Sonia slays in every department. She makes time for her hubby, attends various activities with her FOUR kids and runs a successful clothing brand that is absolutely awe inspiring. All in all, Kang is Queen!

Learn a little more about SASY Sonia by reading our interview below.

As a mother of four, how do you makes sure to give each one of your children the individual attention they need?

It is really hard!! In addition to running my business, being a wife and a mom of four (one who has special needs), I volunteer at my kids’ schools, work with my non-profit organization and with our local hospital. Did I mention all of their after-school activities? We are always on the go. It took my little girl saying she wished she could spend one day with me all by herself for me to start scheduling “dates” with each kid, usually two kids per month. We pencil it in and we discuss what we’re going to do and they really look forward to it. My oldest loves a good movie, the next one is a foodie so we try out new spots, the 9 year old is happy with a fro-yo and chats, the 6 year old is all movement so a bike ride, skating, or park is all he wants to do. They look forward to it and even though it seems like I can’t squeeze in another hour…I look forward to our alone time as much as they do.


Not only do you hold it down at home, but you also created your own company, Mixed Up Clothing. We love the slogan “friendships through fabric”…please explain how your clothing line celebrates diversity.

My fashion-brand and company motto is based on my own personal story. I am mixed (Latina and Black); my parents were both active Military and relocated often. I was born in Puerto Rico, raised in Hawaii, before settling in California and marrying my husband who is Korean. Together we have 4 children that we raise as mini global citizens in today’s diverse world.
When my children were young I wanted to teach them about their multiculturalism so I sewed clothes for them using fun, vibrant prints that had cultural influences on the fabric. What I noticed was that we would get stopped by people asking about the fabric and in turn, the culture illustrated on the fabric. While talking about the clothes and the culture I realized that the clothing I was making was my vehicle to teach others about cultural diversity. Mixed Up Clothing was born!! One of our missions is for children to learn about different cultures that are on the fabrics so that an appreciation is formed and a friendship is made…friendships through fabric!

Your clothing line also has some pretty fierce frocks for the little ones! What are your fave pieces and how do you go about choosing you fabrics?

Ah so many personal faves! I have to say I love starting by finding funky prints that show cultural significance on the fabric such as a Kokeshi doll from Japan or a senorita print from Mexico. I learn about the culture and then I design a silhouette to go along with the fabric. The silhouette has a cultural influence as well such as an Asian-inspired kimono wrap dress or an India-inspired tunic. Awhile back, I designed a Woman and Girl’s coordinating look; the samples just came in and the finished look is so fun! I cannot wait to share the designs with you.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 9.07.22 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 9.06.59 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 9.07.11 PM

Now a days, so many mothers talk about “finding balance”. Do you think we focus on this too much or not enough? Should we redefine what “balance” really means?

I wonder if “finding balance” just leads to another way us moms beat ourselves up. How do you define balance, let alone reach, this goal? What does balance mean? For me each day gives me a chance to start over. I wake up take a look at my schedule and figure out a game plan. It’s about squeezing things in when you can, delegating what you can and letting go what is unnecessary. It’s about communicating your needs with your support system and asking for help when you need it. I will be honest and tell you I have learned the hard way that “balance” is a difficult way to go about measuring if you are a “good” mom, “good” businesswoman/friend/sister…. I kept trying to achieve this elusive “balance” and would feel guilty if I wasn’t doing what I thought I should be doing. I gave it up and each day I try my best to be present in whatever I am doing even if it means responding to emails at 2 am or writing this article on a Saturday night after my kids fell asleep. At the end of the day, all I can do is my best so if I have tried my best then I call that a good day.

And since we’re, we have to ask…what is your favorite pair of stilettos?!

OOH, I love a good pair of stilettos and I reserve them for special events, fashion shows, and celebratory occasions. Maybe I’m just a shoe-lover, but it seems like I don’t get to wear those good shoes often enough. Currently, I am obsessing over the Anouk by Jimmy Choo.


Yesssss, Sonia! We have to agree … those shoes are hot! Find out more about Sonia and her clothing brand “Mixed Up Clothing” on her Instagram and Twitter @MixedUpClothing.


SASY Mom Of The Week: Delia Douglas

Meet SASY Mom, DD! Delia Douglas is the Owner of DDHPR, a boutique public relations firm catering to an eclectic roster of fashion, beauty, non-profit and artist clients. Passionate about cultural diversity, Delia is co-founder of Multiculti Cuties, a culturally diverse community of moms, dads, and caregivers for social, educational and celebratory events exploring the diversity of the world around them. Plus, she’s a delightful diva with an amazingly adorable three year old daughter. Find out more about Delia below.

Q. You are the epitome of a multi-tasking mama…how do you balance your personal life and career? Has being a working mom been more or less difficult than you imagined?

A. Balance… This is something that I am still trying to master. Finding that perfect balance seems completely unachievable, so, currently, maintaining a balance that just “feels right” is the goal.

In my world one-on-one time is vital. Below are a couple of ways I found to facilitate that direct connection.

Morning Refresh Session:
The first 20 minutes of my morning is spent with my daughter completely unplugged. She wakes up at 6 am singing, talkative, affectionate, and cheerful; so we usually spend this time with silly songs or made up stories.
Date Nite Revival:
My husband and I try to keep a weekly date; usually this consists of a bike ride to catch the sunset, chats about things outside of the daily grind, sometimes a quick set by a local music band we enjoy, and most times a glass of wine.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 10.41.09 PM

Q. As a PR Diva, fashion is such a big part of your brand. What tips do you have for keeping the kiddies in fashionable, yet practical, pieces?

A. Here are the 5 rules I try to keep:
1) Love it: Only buy stuff that you love.
2) Sharing is caring: Check out your local swaps, consignment, or resale shops.
3) Sale Sale Sale: Clearance sales at Carter’s and Old Navy are great for basics. Flash Sale sites like Zulily for fun stuff.
4) Go Fem: Support fellow mom-entrepreneur designers/businesses. There are some great kids-fashion designers with affordable fashion. We love Mixed Up Clothing, Tea Collection, Carter’s, Paper Cloudz, Baby Nay, and Be Inspired Boutique.
5) Branch Out: There are often some great pieces for girls in the “boys section”. Sometimes there at an even more affordable price point!

Q. We noticed a very poignant picture on your Instagram of a young girl using extreme measures to fit society’s idea of beauty. As the mother of a daughter, what do you think is the most important thing to teach little girls about beauty?

A. In many areas of our world, worth and value is measured by appearance and a skewed perception of beauty. As an advocate for diversity and an activist for positive body-image, I am passionate about working to provide more positive messaging in the media. As parents, it is up to us to teach our children that regardless of what is being shown in the media, we are all beautiful and true beauty is within.
We women need to find peace within ourselves and each other. If we can begin to love and build one another up to become positive role-models we all rise. We owe this to ourselves as well as to the next generation of young women who will follow us.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 10.41.39 PM

Q. And since we’re, we have to ask…what is your favorite pair of stilettos?!

A. Always a fan of a pointed-toe stiletto in bright red or magenta suede. Or a sparkly platform! Currently I am obsessing over these black and gold sparkly stilettos by designer Bryan Atwood.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 10.39.10 PM

Super cute shoes!! A California native, Delia, her husband, and their 3 year old daughter reside in Venice, CA most commonly referred to as “Venice Beach: Where Art Meets Crime”. Catch up with Delia and her family on Instagram @heartandsol and her business @ddhpr. Also, if you’d like to nominate a “SASY Mom of the Week” please send an email to


SASY Mom Of The Week: Angelique Bates

Angelique Bates is a mom on the move. You may remember her from Nickelodeon’s All That, but she’s done that and so much more! Whether she’s on the big screen, small screen or in-between, she’s busy making it happen for herself AND her kids. Learn more about this gorgeous actress and her adorable son and daughter below. Believe me, if you want to get your kid in the “business” then this is a must read!

What makes you a SASY Mom?
I get the job done. I am a Full-Time parent, Entertainer, & Business Woman and I some how manage to make it look easy.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 3.18.19 PM

As someone who has worked in the entertainment industry for years, were you apprehensive about allowing your children to do so?
I was at first, but my children see what I do and they love it. They always ask to come with me whenever they can. I would rather them be in the industry now while they love it and I can protect them, opposed to when they get older and don’t find it fun or aren’t under my protection.

What’s the hardest part about raising children in Hollywood?
The hardest thing about raising children in Hollywood is keeping people out of your parenting business. Everybody wants to try to influence your parenting in some way to suite their needs. That’s why a lot of parents get labeled “Stage Parents”. Some really are, but then there are some that are just doing what they are SUPPOSE to do. Some studios would rather you show less discipline and let the children be “free” and run around, but yet they don’t want any disobedient out of control children on set either or becoming a menace to society.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 3.21.37 PM

How do you keep them humble?
My children know whether it’s going to an audition, going to an event, or going to practice if your grades aren’t on point, if your work isn’t done, or if you want to act up you won’t get to do the fun things to until after you handle your business, period. I don’t care if it’s minutes before or we are in route. My children are very well behaved so it’s rare that I have to go there. But they are young and they are just having fun. I expose them to a lot of positive experiences like volunteering and helping out children their age, they see me when we are out on a regular day and I may go in to an establishment and buy food or a meal for someone, etc. I am always giving and they see that. And they ask questions. All I can do is lead by example and hope they follow or learn to be greater human beings.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 3.19.10 PM

How do you balance booking jobs for yourself, while also managing the careers of your children?
I still have not figured out to the answer to question yet. But definitely a lot of prayer is one. Lol

What advice would you give to other SASY moms looking to get their children into acting?
Make sure it is something you AND your children really want to do and enjoy. There are a lot of ups and downs in this industry. You have to have a good head on your shoulders and keep God and Education first. Nothing last forever. So make sure your child is prepared at all times. Make sure they are taking classes to perfect their craft. Because there is a child out there who’s parents have them practicing all day everyday. Never pay for an agent or manager. Legit representation takes their percentages from booked work. Definitely just make sure you do your research before jumping into anything and ALWAYS read the contracts before signing them. It’s okay to say no. Never sell yourself short. If you aren’t feeling something don’t force it. You are dealing with your child’s future. Handle with care.

And since we’re, we have to ask…what is your favorite pair of stilettos to rock on the red carpet?!
I would have to say my Marc Jacobs.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 3.17.06 PM

Make sure you follow this SASY Mom on Instagram @AngeliqueBates and Twitter @AngeliqueBates. If you know a SASY mom that we should featured send us an email at


SASY Mom Of The Week: April Jones

Being chic isn’t just something you do from time to time, it’s a way of life — and April Jones proves that point daily. The fashionista and mother to 20 month-old Olivia Blair, knows what it takes to handle her business, run after a toddler and look stunning while doing it all. With “glitter running through her veins” and a fierce sense of style, April is here to help all you #SASYmoms regain the fabulosity you may have lost after having your little one. You can thank her later 😉

S&S: April, what makes you a SASY Mom?

April Jones: I’m a SASY Mom because although Olivia is my number one priority and I devote my entire being to her, I do it all with grace and style. I also haven’t lost sight of April as an individual; in fact I’ve become an even better version through motherhood.

S&S: How has motherhood exceeded your expectations?

AJ: I honestly didn’t think I had the “mother gene”. I was terrified that I wouldn’t be any good at the job, but I quickly realized that I had underestimated myself. I never thought I could love someone so much, so genuinely. Olivia has the best energy and keeps me motivated. She takes care of me just as much as I take care of her (if that makes sense).

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.02.04 AM

S&S: Not only are you a SASY mom, but you kick butt in business, too! Tell us about your company, “Eternal Fall Style”?

AJ: I’ve done branding and marketing for the Beauty Industry for as along as I’ve been in LA. The inspiration for Eternal Fall Style came through my love for producing photo shoots. One of my major responsibilities in my previous positions was to design mood boards that provided inspiration for shoot locations, model, makeup, wardrobe, etc. I fell in love with “putting together looks” and thus began my Image Update & Style Consultation service. I’ve always had a great eye and understanding of personal style, and have been putting together looks for friends and family for as long as I can remember, and decided hey, I can turn this into a business. In addition to Personal Style Consultations, EF performs Wardrobe Edits & Styling and Personal Shopping services. I’m currently working on my ecommerce website which will feature stylish secondhand clothing, another one of my passions.

S&S: What advice would you give to moms who have lost their sense of style after having kids?

AJ: You can still be fabulous while being casual. Add a pop of color with a great lipstick, or opt for an on-trend hairstyle to freshen up your look. Throw on a pair of classic leather chucks, rather than those “mom sneakers”, for park and zoo visits. One of the services Eternal Fall Style offers is a Style Consultation & Image Update. It’s perfect for moms who are seeking a crash course in “Fabulosity” and struggling with Personal Style.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.05.41 AM

S&S: What has been your most embarrassing moment as a mom?

AJ: WOW! So, just this past week Olivia and I went to our favorite playground downtown and it was closed due to a commercial being filmed (so LA). Of course, my 20 month old was not having it and proceeds to throw the biggest tantrum EVER! She screams out “WHY???”, pulls my hair, smacks me in my face, knocks off my hat and kicks me. They had to stop filming the commercial until I got her off the premises. I was in such disbelief!

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.02.59 AM

S&S: And since we’re, we have to ask…what is your favorite pair of stilettos?!

AJ: Well, these day you’re more like to catch me my favorite Sam Edelman studded ankle boots. Once I retired my stilettos at about 7.5 months pregnant they were my go-to’s and they’ve been one of my staples ever since. Those or my Minnetonka Fringe Booties. My stilettos just aren’t practical for chasing after super busy Liv. However, if I’m sans Olivia I’d say that my Clarkson – Black Report Signatures are my faves. I wear them with everything from skinny leather pants to a boho-chic frock.

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 11.59.20 PM

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Christina Aguilera Births A Baby Diva!

From the studio…to Cedars-Sinai — Christina Aguilera has given birth!

The powerhouse singer delivered a baby girl on Saturday at the Los Angeles hospital via C-section.

As of right now, no word on baby deets — name, weight, height, etc. have not been released yet.

This is the first child for Christina and fiancé Matt Rutler.

But this is the second little one for the #SASYmom who has a son, Max from her first marriage to Jordan Bratman.

Congrats, Christina!!

Entertainment, SASY Moms

Tia Mowry Defends Son’s “Girlie” Hairstyle

After Beyonce faced (undeserved) backlash for not combing her daughter’s hair, Tia Mowry is now facing criticism for supposedly over-styling her young son’s tresses.

Tia posted this sweet image of herself and her baby boy, Cree on Instagram with the caption, “My love…”.

Unfortunately, some of the folks in her comment section had no love for Cree’s top knot. “U need to cut his dam hair,” one IG user wrote, with another saying, “he looks like a freaking girl.”

I don’t know why the social media trolls haven’t learned by now, but you can’t keep poking a sleeping bear — it’s only a matter of time before the bear strikes back…and a mama bear is much worse! In response to her seemingly uneducated haters, Tia posted another picture of herself and Cree Cree (with TWO knots in his hair) and went off!

I am proud to have a SON that embraces his natural hair :). Hair length does not define your sex. Last I checked a penis and a vagina does. Pick up a book, educate yourself, and embrace cultures outside of your own and maybe you will see that there are PLENTY of MEN wearing top knots and MEN with long hair. Here’s a shout out to all the moms who have boys and girls with natural hair! Live ON!

We agree with Tia. It is NEVER ok to criticize a child’s appearance. And to those of you who have nothing better to do…GET A LIFE!

Entertainment, SASY Moms

Christina Ricci Gives Birth!

Congratulations to Christina Ricci and her husband, James Heerdegan! The happy couple just welcomed a baby boy into their family.

People confirms that the 34 year old actress gave birth to her first child recently. The private couple is keeping tip-lipped on many of the baby deets including his name and birthdate.

Ricci, who ironically is set to star in the upcoming film Mothers Day in 2015, will actually get to experience the holiday herself for the first time next year, too.

Congrats again to this #SASYmom and her new bundle of joy!


SASY Mom Of The Week: Lori Gerber

Being SASY isn’t always easy, but Lori Gerber makes it look effortless. The beautiful mother of three has found a way to spend her weekdays with her boys, while her weekends are spent delivering the news to the masses in Sacramento — plus she still finds time for her handsome hubby and her devoted group of girlfriends. Pretty awesome, right? On top of all that, she has great style, a fun personality and of course, sexy stilettos! Find out more about Lori below.

What makes you a SASY Mom?
I stay at home during the week with my three sons, and spend my weekends as an Anchor/Reporter for CW31/CBS 13 in Sacramento. I worked really hard to get back to Sacramento, getting my feet wet in small markets like Eureka, CA and Bakersfield, CA. It’s been such a fun adventure, but now I’m back in my hometown doing the job I love and raising my family. I enjoy the spontaneity of life at home with the boys, but feel so lucky to continue my career in a part time capacity. It’s great to be able to slip into a pair of stilettos a couple times a week, do the hair and make-up and be a part of the working world.


As a multitasking mama, how do you find “me” time?
It’s not always easy with three little boys. My sons are Jack (8), Luke (6) and Drew (3) so it definitely takes some coordinating! My husband is very supportive and that helps. I try to carve out an hour a day, 3-4 times a week for the gym and try to see my girlfriends as often as possible. I often stay up after the little ones are asleep to catch up on e-mails, my calendar, a phone conversation with a friend, sometimes online shopping or organizing around the house. It’s the uninterrupted time that I’ve learned to appreciate. Sometimes something as simple as grocery shopping alone, is just the right amount of “me” time!


How have you learned to find balance between your professional and personal life?
It’s a constant juggle. A working mom and sometimes even a stay at home mom can’t be everywhere. I’ve had to really work on prioritizing. I’m going on my 7th year as a freelancer for Good Day Sacramento. I add days here and there when life is flexible, but my schedule is consistently weekends. It’s gotten more difficult as my boys have gotten older, with sports and weekend activities. My husband is awesome. He has a huge hand in me being able to do what I do. Everyone’s journey is different, so I try to stay focused on ours. It works. Being home during the week allows me to feel very connected in everything they do. Also, working the early morning schedule is a little rough, but allows me to be home early so we get family time on my husband’s days off. I miss a few soccer games on Saturdays, but have learned to appreciate our situation for what it is.

How do you handle the overwhelming moments that come with having multiple children?
Hide. I’m kidding. I really try not to take things too seriously. I am a perfectionist and have had to pull back so much since having kids. I have awesome girlfriends in my life going through all of the same things. My mom is always just a phone call away. I share a lot and ask for advice. I’m still learning so much about motherhood every day. My boys are all very different. They bring so much fun and happiness but are a challenge in their own unique ways. They keep me on my toes for sure, but I try so hard to live in the moment and remind myself how quickly all of this goes by.


What has been your most embarrassing moment as a mom?
This is a tough question. There are so many little things that happen on a regular basis that singling out one is difficult. We’ll go with something more recent. My youngest son is always in tow for drop off and pick up at his brothers school. Our principal was very active on campus and my little guy got to know him pretty well. I think a little too well. One of the last days at school, the principal reached out to give my son fist bumps or a high five, but instead my son ran behind him and whacked him on the bottom, giggling the whole time. The more I called my son’s name, the funnier it became and the more he went for it. The principal was dancing in circles trying to help me out, but the third child doesn’t give up easily. He commits.


And since we’re, we have to ask…what is your favorite pair of stilettos?!
Ooh, my Carlos Santana heels, with a zipper up the back! Wait, my Jessica Simpson patent leather! It’s too hard to decide!

CARLOS by Carlos Santana Veruca

CARLOS by Carlos Santana Veruca

Jessica Simpson - "Carri"

Jessica Simpson – “Carri”

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