Working Moms: How We Get It All Done…While Looking Great, Of Course!

Moms are the busiest people on the planet. Point. Blank. Period.
There’s no way around it, BUT you can still be Superwoman and chic at the same d*mn time! Here’s our best advice on how to be a SASY mom.

1. Be Like Santa Claus
How so? Make a list and check it twice! Seriously, the best advice I’ve ever received was to write everything down. Even the stuff you swear you will remember because 9 times out of 10 that will be the first thing you forget. Important meeting? Hot date with the hubby? Kids soccer practice? Happy Hour with the girls? There’s a time and place for everything as long as you remember it. I’ll say it again…Write It Down! Organization is imperative for success.

2. Take Time To Look Good
I know people will hate me for this but looks DO matter. If you look good, you feel good. I’m not saying you need a full on glam squad every day, but a hot shower, cute outfit, combed hair and a little mascara go a looooong way. Plus, when you look your worst you’re bound to run into the last person you would want to see.

3. Don’t Forget, Your Child(ren) Live With YOU…Not The Other Way Around
Kids are amazing but they shouldn’t be your entire life. If your child is the center of the universe you’re well on your way to raising a terrorist (ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but you get the point). Children need to know that they don’t own you. The house should be adult-centered, not child-centered. This does not mean neglect your little one, it simply means they should’t run the house. They’re just kids, not God!