It’s rare that a new animated feature is announced and I get this excited, but “Da Jammies” instantly piqued my interest — A hip-hop cartoon for all ages … sign me up!

The 3-D animated show follows five kids from the suburbs who attend Performing Arts school and have one common dream, to be music superstars. They face adversities, challenges and of course, learn life lessons along the way. Great visuals paired with fun music and interesting story lines … the show was destined for greatness.

“Da Jammies” also features an impressive voice cast including Danielle Nicolet, Alisa Reyes, Anderson Johnson Jr., Darius McCrary, Kel Mitchell, Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister, Kurtis Blow, James Avery, Jamal ‘J.Naught-T!’ McCants and more. Plus the shows creators, Aulsondro ‘Novelist’ Hamilton, William ‘Dolla’ Chapman, also voice two of the lead characters as well.

“Da Jammies”, developed by Ralph Farquhar, premiered on Netflix September 1st. Five episodes in total are set to be released with the hope of an additional eight episodes being picked up.

Check it out and be sure to let me know what you think!