Heyyyy ladies, it’s our holiday!! That’s right, Mother’s Day is around the corner and inevitably someone in your life will ask, ‘what do you want?’ Well, instead of the proverbial, ‘I don’t care. I’ll be grateful for anything,’ response, go in with a specific answer. SPA. LÉ. LA!

For this episode of MOMents, I visited the super cute spa in Studio City and it was everything! It’s not your normal spa, this spa caters to the mamas out there that want to luxuriate, but need some help with their kiddos. With expert, on-site child care, mothers can come to Spa Lé La for a guilt free day of pampering.

The spa delights in giving an unique experience to those who visit. Sure, you can get a massage, mani/pedi and facial, but you can also book a luxurious bath, an uninterrupted nap or just some quiet time. You remember what quiet time is, right?

While speaking with the owner Trina Reneá she gave me a little insight into the inspiration for Spa Lé La, how the name came about and the most difficult part of construction (hint: she probably need a nice, long, hot bath after dealing with the stress of it all ;-).

Following our chat I got the chance to experience some of what the spa had to offer. The Infrared Sauna was the perfect moment of solitude that had the added benefits of detoxification and improved circulation. Plus, it also aids in anti-aging efforts, weight loss and lower blood pressure. Win-win-win! After sitting in the sauna for about 25 minutes, I headed to relaxation room for an invigorating facial. Not only what the treatment divine, the products they use smelled so good I wanted to eat them!

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 7.54.57 AM

Check out my visit to Spa Lé La below … and make sure the people in your life get you a gift certificate for Mother’s Day!