One of a kind fashion with a positive message, that’s what Sonia Smith-Kang created with Mixed Up Clothing and it’s the reason I just had to have her for episode #3 of MOMents!

As a bi-racial woman Sonia has a special place in her heart for the multi-cultural community. It’s the reason why she wanted to be an advocate and it’s also fueled the fire behind her clothing brand. With an emphasis on ethnic prints and styles, Mixed Up Clothing is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. There’s a message of inclusiveness in every stitch and acceptance in every enclosure. The kids clothing line is truly made with love and every single piece has a story — one, in which, that’s told right there on the tag.

During our chat for MOMents, Sonia and I discussed her upbringing as a military brat, how she left her job as an R.N. to turn her hobby into a business and how she works as a multi-racial advocate.

Check out Sonia’s kids clothing line, Mixed Up Clothing, by clicking HERE.