One of the best things about raising little humans is dressing them like big humans! Gone are the days of overtly-obvious kiddie clothes adorned with Elmo, Barbie and the likes. Now-a-days, little ones are wearing more couture and less Cookie Monster. Seeing tiny tots draped in fur, fancy shoes and fabulous bags has become the norm … and I love it! Which is why I love Livi B. Accessories even more. I got to chat with owner, April Jones, and she gave me a little insight into her new fashion venture and her mini muse, Miss Olivia Blair 🙂

S+S: Congrats on launching “Livi B Accessories”! Can you tell us a bit about Livi B. and her personal style?

Little Miss Livi B is something else. She is a strong-willed independent beautiful little angel girl who knows exactly what she wants. She’s obsessed with accessories and fabulous boots (the apple didn’t fall to far from the tree).

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S+S: Why did you decide to create “Livi B Accessories”?

The inspiration for Livi B Accessories was derived from Olivia’s love of accessories. Other parents were always stopping me asking where I got her glasses and hats from, so it just made perfect sense to cultivate a brand where Olivia could endorse her own.

S+S: Tell us about some of Livi B’s favorite pieces from the collection? Will it be hard for her to give them up?

Olivia’s favorite glasses are the OLIVIA’s. They are toddler-chic and definitely a statement-making piece. She also loves the Pom Snapback (my personal favorite). We throw it on with virtually anything. The beauty of the brand is that many of the pieces grow with you so she’ll be able to wear them for a few years, as opposed to shoes or clothing that toddlers outgrow like crazy!




S+S: Tapping into a toddler’s sense of style can be tricky … how do you find the balance of letting your little one be creative with fashion without looking crazy lol?

Honestly anything goes! We always figure out ways to make her wardrobe options come together fabulously. But ultimately the kid has pretty good taste.

S+S: Toddlers can sometimes be finicky and won’t keep accessories on (sunglasses, scarfs, jewelry, etc.). Any tips on finding the right accessory to fit a little ones personality without making them uncomfortable.

I would say that it is totally normal for kids to remove accessories so don’t expect them to wear them for long periods of time (unless you’re Livi B and request them regularly). Allow them to decide when and where to wear them. I also find that if I give Olivia options she’ll rock the sunnies she chooses proudly. It has to be HER decision.


S+S: How do you see the collection growing in the upcoming years? Will it also include clothing in the future?

For the moment Livi B Accessories will stick to accessories, our first love. In the future we’re exploring the possibility of expanding into kid-friendly nail lacquer, lip-glosses and cool temporary tattoos.