Ummm, why didn’t you guys tells me how awesome Club MomMe was?!

I just joined the “MomMe” club and honestly, I didn’t know much about their “Best Of Products” series — boy, was I missing out. I felt like I was a little late to the rodeo since my little Charlie B is already one year old, but whether you get on board before birthing your baby or not until your little one is darn near grown, there’s something for you.

For the LA stop, the MomMe’s held their “Best Of Product” series featuring Baby Gizmo at the super cute “Right Start” baby store. When I arrived I was warmly greeted by Club MomMe’s co-founder Rachel, a bevy of beautiful moms and moms-to be and products galore, which brings me to my first reason why the “BOP” series is a MUST!

1. It is an amazing opportunity to meet other #SASYmoms. Everyone was so nice and excited to meet new people. We moms have got to stick together.

2. Knowledge is power. From strollers to car seats, Baby Gizmo (a.k.a Hollie) knows her ish and has no bias when it comes to the products she reviews.

photo 4

Baby Gizmo demonstrating how to use the new MiaMily “Hipster” baby carrier.

photo 3

Baby Gizmo dishing the deets on this daddy diaper bag.

3. I WON A UBBI DIAPER PAIL!!! (it’s red and totally matched my shoes!!!)


I didn’t even know a raffle was a part of the event and before you know it my number was called. I wasn’t the only winner though, some mommies and daddies walked away with a stroller, car seat, bottles, toys and much, much more. I promise you, almost the entire crowd had some sort of parting gift…PLUS, a gift bag, too. Can you tell I love freebies? 🙂

Overall, the “Best Of Products” series was fantastic. I met some pretty cool #SASYmoms, got some much needed info on car seats (we’re replacing the one we currently have) and walked away with a new diaper pail, which we desperately needed. I will definitely be back for the next one.

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