Let me be clear, I really want more kids and I want them soon. But, I would be lying if I didn’t also admit that the thought of adding another child to the mix scares the hell out of me! I’m JUST now getting the hang of this whole one kid thing (well, kinda.) and you want me to add another one?! Ummm, gimme a sec on that one.

The hubster and I have been talking about expanding our family and we feel like now may be the perfect time. #CharlieB is 2 1/2-years-old (and potty-trained…YAY!), we just bought a house and we finally feel settled and in a good place. And while all of those are a good reasons to start trying for #2, it also makes me think, ‘why the hell are we planning to rock the boat?’

Below are the top 5 terrifying reasons why baby Barnett part deux gives me panic attacks…

1. I’m realllly not going to get my body back after this one. If I’m being honest, I’m still trying to lose the last 10 lbs from my first pregnancy (yes, I know that was over 2 years ago…don’t judge!). But if I get pregnant now (at my heaviest weight) then it will be even more difficult to lose the weight. And while that’s not a good enough reason to keep procrastinating on having another child, it is something to think about, right?

2. When did we become billionaires? Seriously. It cost like 8,145, 002.43 to raise a kid in Los Angeles and last time I checked, we’re doing good, but not that good. How will we be able to afford another little one? Is there a new baby scholarship program??

3. Space. Yes, we just bought a new place. No, it’s not a sprawling mansion, it’s a townhouse. And since my mom moved in with us, plus my brother-in-law is moving in, too, it seems that space is at a premium around here. Where the heck will a new little baby go? Plus, alllllll the baby stuff that comes with that new bundle of joy. Anyone know how to turn a storage unit into a nursery? 😀

4. The ever-elusive “Work-Life Balance”. I’ve never heard this term more than I have in the last few years and I totally get it. Apparently, we “millennials” crave uber-balanced lives. There’s husband-time, kid-time, mommy-time, career-time, friend-time, etc. We work-hard, play-hard and everything in-between. But, if there are two tiny lives to balance instead of just one will my balance suddenly become unbalanced? I’m a very organized person, and for the life of me I don’t know how I will make it all work. Oh, and let’s not mention that I’m practically a unicorn in the world of entertainment journalist. Not many of the girls I see on the red carpets and during junkets have a kid, let only more than one. Will being 32 with 2 kids  somehow change the trajectory of my career? Or will continuously building my career make me a bad mom? Will I find a way to give adequate energy to both so that neither are neglected? Why am I asking myself these questions when fathers don’t ask themselves? Plus, I’m not the first chick in the world to have two kids…maybe I’m over analyzing this. I tend to do that. Let’s move on, I could do this all day…

5. Lighting doesn’t strike the same place twice. CB is practically perfect, seriously. She was the best little baby and even as a toddler she’s full of awesomesauce. There’s no way I will be that blessed again, right? Like, God is going to call me greedy for wanting Charlie to have an equally stellar sibling. And that brings up my next point. I don’t want to compare them to each other either. Let’s say I’m doing a good job with Charlie, what if I ruin the next kid by placing unrealistic expectations on him or her?

Yes, these reasons (and probably more) make me think we should just stop while we’re ahead. But, there is one reason why we won’t. Simply put, we don’t feel like our family is complete. We want more kids and God-willing we will have more. One thing I know for sure is that God always has, and always will, have our backs!