Finally, I’m SIX months pregnant!!!

This milestone is a big deal. #BabyBoyBarnett has now reached “fetal viability”, meaning if the little guy were born today he would have a good fighting chance at survival (50% – 70%). This was huge for me because I felt myself being more worried and cautious during this pregnancy. Thankfully, I feel a little calmer now, which is one of the good things about month six.

Below are just a few of the things I’ve faced getting to this point and how I feel now.

-Less Stress! I still worry about some things, but I feel like I’m at a point were I know everything will be ok, no matter what.
-My boobs are bomb. Plus, my booty got bigger. Cuz. I. SLAY!
-Oh, and my hair is on point, too. Super thick and luscious. I like.
-More energy (on most days). Look, with a two year old, I am still extremely tired quite often, but I don’t need naps everyday like I did during weeks 4-16 AND I’m no longer nauseous which means I can eat more in order to increase my energy (and unfortunately weight lol).
-Did I mention my boobs and butt? Oh, ok.

The BAD:
-My clothes don’t fit. I have finally grown out of all my tops. Now, I live off of $9 tank tops from Target (in an XL) and stretchy dresses from Ross. I REFUSE to buy expensive maternity clothes. It’s just so pointless.
-I am NEVER comfortable. Sleeping, standing, sitting, walking … never. My body aches constantly and this is all new to me. Last time around, I think my bod handled pregnancy a bit better.
-Fretting over funds. A second kid means more activities, more childcare, more clothes, more food … just more of everything. That freaks me out.
-Heartburn. Oh, the heartburn.
-My mood is often in shambles. Within the last few weeks I have noticed that I have really down days. Sometimes I can pinpoint the reason, but most often I can not.

-My boobs always itch … and most times this occurs in less than desirable atmospheres. Grocery store, nail salon, walking down the street, etc.
-My hair will soon fall out. Post-partum hair loss is real and it’s whack. Hopefully, like last time, my edges will return. #prayerhandsemoji
-Swelling. It happens everywhere. I’ll spare you the details.
-I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up giving birth in the car. I don’t know why, I just feel like this kid is gonna come at the least opportune time. Can you imagine that clean up session!
-I wanna punch Shannon. Like, often. No, real reason, just wanna karate chop his face sometimes. I haven’t told him, so don’t say anything. My attitude is just so ugly somedays…

That’s all I can think of right now, but I do have a horrible case of preggo brain on most days (let’s add that to the bad list) so I may update this list soon. Any preggo mamas out there suffering the same symptoms? Let’s chat!