It’s easier to get your kids involved with craft when their a bit older and have full control of all their little limbs. But what about those tiny toddlers that want to be involved but can’t be trusted with their own pair of scissors and a glue stick?

My baby girl, #CharlieB, is 16 months old and enjoyed these three craft ideas that were quick, easy and fun.

1. Paper Plate Pumpkin – Charlie got to get messy and finger paint the paper plate orange and daddy finalized the pumpkin by cutting out the eyes, nose and mouth from black construction paper. Win-Win!



2. Cotton Ball Ghost – Charlie pulled the cotton balls apart to make them stringy and I glued them down to the contraction paper. And of course, daddy did the eyes and mouth, but this time used bits and pieces from a black pipe cleaner.


3. Paper Plate Spiders – Now this project has the same concept as the paper plate pumpkin, but we used more colors and finished them off with eight colorful pipe cleaner legs.


Bonus: When we were all done with the crafts, we baked sugar cookies and let Charlie decorate them with sprinkles, icing and edible glitter!


At this young age it doesn’t take much to have a fun time doing arts and crafts, plus they’re usually so tired afterwards that the go to sleep early!