Spoiled kids are hella annoying. But if we’re being honest, you can’t really blame the kids … you have to blame their raggedy parents for not teaching them better. In my quest to make sure Charlie B. doesn’t embarrass me, I am making sure my child understands the value of hardwork and responsibility. And I know there are a lot of mamas out there that feel the same way I do!

Before having little ones I would have thought that chores were reserved for older kids, I’m talking pre-teen age. But, after seeing how smart, independent and capable my three year old is, it was only naturally to give her a few daily task that she could do by herself and take great pride in accomplishing them. Enter, the Charlie B Chore Chart!


First, lets get into this chart. If you want to make one your self, here’s what you need.

-picture frame
-chalkboard paint
-chalk pencils

Honestly, this craft is super simple. Paint the backing of your picture frame with the chalkboard paint. Let it dry. Write your chores on the chart.

If you don’t want to make one your self, just buy it like I did 🙂 I got this one from Target for like 9 bucks. Easy, peasy!


Next, pick chores that your kiddo enjoys. Charlie loves to help with the laundry and make her bed. She’s always been good about picking up her toys, so that was a no brainer. Cleaning her snack table and helping put away her dishes was a natural next step. I also added a “Misc.” section for tasks that don’t need to be done daily/weekly or for anything new I want to add.

That’s it! It was so simple to create and CB actually loves it … that smile you see wasn’t forced lol. And the best part? My kid won’t be that spoiled, hella annoying brat 🙂