It was a random Sunday night, no lotion in sight…so, I (SASY V) just made some myself and it turned out alright! Yes, that was my attempt at a nursery rhyme.

So, I found a recipe on Pinterest and decided, “hmmm, I should do this homemade lotion thing.” It seemed easy enough — just five ingredients (tweaked just a tad) — and voilà!

Well, it didn’t go exactly like that. Here’s a list of the items I used, plus the directions I followed. Then I’ll tell you why DIY lotion might not be for me.

2 cups – Organic, Unrefined Coconut Oil in a Solid State
4 tbsp – Vitamin E Oil
4 tbsp – Aloe Vera Gel
2 tbsp – Olive Oil
20 drops – Essential Oil for a light scent (optional…so they say)

Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl
Use a hand mixer to whip all of the ingredients (except essential oil) together until blended well
Add essential oil…
Continuing mixing until lotion resembles a fluffy, frosting-like consistency
Use as needed!

Seems easy enough, right? Well, yes that part was, but what happened next was a draining process.

You must store your new lotion in a glass container, essential oils can breakdown plastic. After you fill your container with lotion it’s now a game of where to keep it. Coconut oil melts in the heat — It’s summer time and I live in L.A. But, if you keep it in the fridge it gets hard, like really hard. So I opted for the oily lotion, which isn’t bad, but not ideal. I did my first batch without the essential oil. Let me tell you, coconut oil smells like cheese. Don’t be fooled by the recipe…essentials oils are a MUST for fragrance. I re-whipped my first batch using Burt Bee’s lemon scented body oil, but I had to pour in about 1.5 fl. oz. Lastly, it was a lot of effort, but I don’t know if my skin is seeing results. I’ve been using it for about a week and I don’t notice a difference yet, but maybe it’s just too soon to tell.

All in all, I think I might try it again when the temperatures aren’t in the high 80’s. The thought of organic lotion that I can make on my own is still very appealing. Click through the gallery below to see what products I used.