Since #CharlieB is now in daycare, that means Valentine’s Day requires a bit more effort from all of us. Her class had a party on Friday, so of course, the night before we were in full V-Day prep mode!

First, Charlie signed all of her Doc McStuffins cards for her classmates.


Then we decorated fresh baked sugar cookies (shout out to Pillsbury … too tired to make them from scratch!).


Then I made gift bags for all the kiddies in her class. They were SUPER simple…
– V-Day themed gift bags from Target
– “Honest Kids” organic juice pouch
– “Go Go Squeez” fruit pouch
– “Goldfish” Valentine’s graham cracker packs
– Bonus: you can also decorate the bags stickers, balloons, streamers, etc.


And lastly, on the day of the party, #CharlieB was theme-appropriate in her “LOVE” sweater and big, red tulle skirt!