Charlie B loves her daddy so, so much (and I do too ;-), which means when Father’s Day rolls around we try really hard to get him a great gift. I don’t know why, but the task seems almost impossible. He’s not hard to shop for, but it just feels like there aren’t a lot of great gifts for Father’s Day. That is until now. After countless hours of searching (you’re welcome), I’ve finally complied a list of items I deem Daddy Day approved! And, because I love you (and because Amazon is awesome), I’ve include links to where you can buy everything (again, you’re welcome, lol).

1. A DSLR Camera is a great gift. I personally use the Nikon D3200 and I love it, but my male co-workers also love the Canon cameras. You really can’t go wrong.

Shop Amazon Camera, Photo & Video – Father’s Day Gift Ideas

2. What’s better than the gift of time! Watches have become the must have accessories for the sophisticated man. A great timepiece can fit almost any personality … sporty, elegant, flashy, understated, there really is a watch for every occasion and every guy. Plus, they work for almost any budget.

Shop Amazon Fashion – Father’s Day Shop

3. This one may be a “duh” gift, but most guys like to show-off their manliness by fixing (or eventually further breaking) something around the house. Think of a tool set as the guy version of diamond earrings and a necklace!

Shop Amazon – Father’s Day Gifts in Tools

4. Guys love electronics, it’s almost a no-brainer. But, I would suggest sticking with tablets, headphones (my hubby LOVES his Beats by Dre) or even a video game console. Xbox One or PS4 will definitely gain you some major points if your husband’s is a gamer.

Shop Amazon Electronics – Father’s Day Gift Ideas

5. Tickets to almost ANY sporting event. Does he like Basketball? Baseball? How about Tennis? It’s a safe bet that you can get tickets to some sports-related activity that will make your man happy. Now tickets can typically be found at Ticketmaster or StubHub. But if you just want to buy a sports related gift, click the link below.

Shop Amazon Sports & Outdoors – Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Added Bonus: If you order anything from Amazon you ca n get FREE one-day shipping! Shop Amazon Fashion – Free One-Day Shipping for Father’s Day