Hey SASY Moms! I’m so happy to introduce you to Jewel Gould, founder of www.WhatAboutMommys.com. We connected on Instagram, but we’ve found that we have so much more in common than just cute pics on social media 🙂 Jewel is an amazing woman with an awesome story! Although she recently lost her mother to cancer, she’s turned tragedy into triumph with her magazine WhatAboutMommys.  WAM encourages moms to look and feel amazing by focusing on self esteem, health, fitness and fashion. This is why Jewel is the perfect person to give great tips on how to stay healthy during the hectic holiday season. So yes, we’ve all indulged during Thanksgiving, but my girl J is here to get us on track now, all the way through the New Year! ~ Modern Martha Stewart xo

Lovely mommies it’s the Holidays! Turkey, stuffing, lattes, shopping, and tons of desserts right?! But, besides all of the delicious Holiday treats, it’s also important that we don’t neglect our fitness goals and healthy lifestyles.

Because of the hustle and bustle, it’s much easier to keep nibbling on that pumpkin pie rather than cut up some fresh fruit. And let’s be honest, there’s just so many great foods that are delicious but, not necessarily nutritious at this time.

Instead of waiting until the New Year comes to “get back on track”. How about some tips and tricks that will assist you with keeping fit and focused during the “hectic Holiday season”.

1. Cook healthy meals.
If you cook healthy meals it will eliminate the need to buy food when you’re out shopping, etc. Because most times when we’re hungry, we reach for the unhealthy options. So plan your healthy meals ahead and cook, cook, cook!

2. Always incorporate a salad.
Salads are great for fiber, your skin, and to assist in giving you a great detox as well. So whether you have a salad for lunch, or include it as a side, eat as much salad as you can.

3. Don’t ditch your work outs!
This is a major one. During this time, because of our busy schedules, we tend to place our work out regimes on the back burner. But, even if you can’t make it to the gym, jog, walk, or put on a DVD. Whatever you do don’t skip your work outs.

4. Watch your portion sizes.
Stay away from the huge portion sizes. We are already “splurging” a little bit more, so be mindful of how much you eat at each meal.

5. Stress less.
Remember that above it all this is a time to truly enjoy your family, friends and loved ones. Don’t get too caught up on the material things. But truly embrace all that you have and get in a posture of thankfulness. This will help you to stress less. And remember stressed is desserts spelt backwards!

I hope that these little tricks and tips will help you to have a more relaxed, refreshed, happy and healthy holiday. Above it all remember to rock your smile, and commit to being fit.

Make sure you visit Jewel’s site What About Mommy’s and check her out on Twitter and Instagram @WhatAboutMommys.