Sometimes it feels like everyone wants you to breastfeed and no one wants you to breastfeed, all at the same time. While hearing “breast is best” everywhere you go, society is hell bent on shading, shaming and secluding mothers who actually take that advice. Crazy, right? Well, Krystal Nicole Duhaney is looking to make a change and I love her for it!

Krystal Nicole Duhaney, R.N.

Krystal Nicole Duhaney, R.N.

If you know me, or follow me on social media, then you know I love to breastfeed. But, I’m also the first to admit the various challenges that come with it. Between cracked nipples, engorgement, pumping at work and low milk supply, there are a bevy of things that would make you want to keep your boobies to yourself — and unfortunately, because there is so little support for breastfeeding mamas, many choose to tuck their tits in their shirt and reach for the formula. That’s where Krystal comes in. Not only is the mama of two a registered nurse, but she’s also a lactation expert and the owner of Milky Mama, the premier destination for nursing mothers. It’s a concept that’s equal parts right on time and long overdue — a store dedicated to the needs of breastfeeding babes. Krystal describes it as a “lactation haven” that offers consultations, support, nursing/pumping stations and her signature Milky Mama products to help increase milk production. I got the chance to chat with the mompreneur for a bit and of course she was full of great advice.

Krystal Nicole Duhaney - Milky Mama Owner

Krystal Nicole Duhaney – Milky Mama Owner

Krystal and I talked about everything from pumping tips to her celeb clientele (which includes Ice-T’s wife CoCo Austin and actress Lauren London). And instantly, I knew she was my kinda chick. Family is first for her (and me) and she believes in designating a time to shut down her work life in order to spend quality time with her hubby and kids (as do I). We both hate the word balance and we both are working moms … seriously, she’s like my spirit animal. During our convo she gave me great tips about pumping while at work…

* RELAX … just go with the flow (wink, wink).

* Look at a pic of your baby while nursing. It stimulates your flow and let’s face it, no one really needs to give you a reason to stare at your beautiful bundle of joy.

* Massage those mammaries while pumping! You’ll get more milk in less time.

* After pumping, keep your parts together while refrigerating milk. This way, you can start you next pump quicker whiteout having to sterilize all over again.

* Boost your supply with one of Krystal’s bomb lactation brownies … or cookies, smoothies, etc. It’s a family recipe, with a couple of tweaks, and it is sure to increase your output. Just down two treats or one drink, pump every 3-4 hours and make sure you’re taking care of yourself (lots of water/healthy foods).

We also talked about “normalize nursing” — which we both fully support — and the milky mama had an ingenious way to take the movement to the next level. When she sees a mom nursing in public, she sits right next to her, not in a creepy way, but as show of solidarity. Sometimes she’ll nurse one of her little ones, too and sometimes she’s just sits for support, but either way it’s a beautiful way to tell the world, ‘hey, give us a break, we’re just feeding our kids!’

And speaking of feeding kids, dozens of moms did just that at the grand opening of the Milky Mama store in Riverside, CA on September 24th!



There were swag bags, giveaways and tons of nursing mamas on hand! The store, located in Riverside, CA, is absolutely gorgeous and provides exactly what breastfeeding mothers need most — SUPPORT!



Really, Krystal hit the head on the nail with this one! We finished our convo with her telling me what she wished she knew about breastfeeding before going into it.

I wish I would’ve known that it doesn’t look like the magazines. It’s not always easy … I had a tough time. And it’s not always gorgeous. You have to be honest with yourself and seek support.

Amen, sistah!