Being chic isn’t just something you do from time to time, it’s a way of life — and April Jones proves that point daily. The fashionista and mother to 20 month-old Olivia Blair, knows what it takes to handle her business, run after a toddler and look stunning while doing it all. With “glitter running through her veins” and a fierce sense of style, April is here to help all you #SASYmoms regain the fabulosity you may have lost after having your little one. You can thank her later 😉

S&S: April, what makes you a SASY Mom?

April Jones: I’m a SASY Mom because although Olivia is my number one priority and I devote my entire being to her, I do it all with grace and style. I also haven’t lost sight of April as an individual; in fact I’ve become an even better version through motherhood.

S&S: How has motherhood exceeded your expectations?

AJ: I honestly didn’t think I had the “mother gene”. I was terrified that I wouldn’t be any good at the job, but I quickly realized that I had underestimated myself. I never thought I could love someone so much, so genuinely. Olivia has the best energy and keeps me motivated. She takes care of me just as much as I take care of her (if that makes sense).

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S&S: Not only are you a SASY mom, but you kick butt in business, too! Tell us about your company, “Eternal Fall Style”?

AJ: I’ve done branding and marketing for the Beauty Industry for as along as I’ve been in LA. The inspiration for Eternal Fall Style came through my love for producing photo shoots. One of my major responsibilities in my previous positions was to design mood boards that provided inspiration for shoot locations, model, makeup, wardrobe, etc. I fell in love with “putting together looks” and thus began my Image Update & Style Consultation service. I’ve always had a great eye and understanding of personal style, and have been putting together looks for friends and family for as long as I can remember, and decided hey, I can turn this into a business. In addition to Personal Style Consultations, EF performs Wardrobe Edits & Styling and Personal Shopping services. I’m currently working on my ecommerce website which will feature stylish secondhand clothing, another one of my passions.

S&S: What advice would you give to moms who have lost their sense of style after having kids?

AJ: You can still be fabulous while being casual. Add a pop of color with a great lipstick, or opt for an on-trend hairstyle to freshen up your look. Throw on a pair of classic leather chucks, rather than those “mom sneakers”, for park and zoo visits. One of the services Eternal Fall Style offers is a Style Consultation & Image Update. It’s perfect for moms who are seeking a crash course in “Fabulosity” and struggling with Personal Style.

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S&S: What has been your most embarrassing moment as a mom?

AJ: WOW! So, just this past week Olivia and I went to our favorite playground downtown and it was closed due to a commercial being filmed (so LA). Of course, my 20 month old was not having it and proceeds to throw the biggest tantrum EVER! She screams out “WHY???”, pulls my hair, smacks me in my face, knocks off my hat and kicks me. They had to stop filming the commercial until I got her off the premises. I was in such disbelief!

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S&S: And since we’re, we have to ask…what is your favorite pair of stilettos?!

AJ: Well, these day you’re more like to catch me my favorite Sam Edelman studded ankle boots. Once I retired my stilettos at about 7.5 months pregnant they were my go-to’s and they’ve been one of my staples ever since. Those or my Minnetonka Fringe Booties. My stilettos just aren’t practical for chasing after super busy Liv. However, if I’m sans Olivia I’d say that my Clarkson – Black Report Signatures are my faves. I wear them with everything from skinny leather pants to a boho-chic frock.

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