Need a little mommy inspiration on this Monday? Look no further than Sonia Kang! As a wife/mother/entrepreneur, Sonia slays in every department. She makes time for her hubby, attends various activities with her FOUR kids and runs a successful clothing brand that is absolutely awe inspiring. All in all, Kang is Queen!

Learn a little more about SASY Sonia by reading our interview below.

As a mother of four, how do you makes sure to give each one of your children the individual attention they need?

It is really hard!! In addition to running my business, being a wife and a mom of four (one who has special needs), I volunteer at my kids’ schools, work with my non-profit organization and with our local hospital. Did I mention all of their after-school activities? We are always on the go. It took my little girl saying she wished she could spend one day with me all by herself for me to start scheduling “dates” with each kid, usually two kids per month. We pencil it in and we discuss what we’re going to do and they really look forward to it. My oldest loves a good movie, the next one is a foodie so we try out new spots, the 9 year old is happy with a fro-yo and chats, the 6 year old is all movement so a bike ride, skating, or park is all he wants to do. They look forward to it and even though it seems like I can’t squeeze in another hour…I look forward to our alone time as much as they do.


Not only do you hold it down at home, but you also created your own company, Mixed Up Clothing. We love the slogan “friendships through fabric”…please explain how your clothing line celebrates diversity.

My fashion-brand and company motto is based on my own personal story. I am mixed (Latina and Black); my parents were both active Military and relocated often. I was born in Puerto Rico, raised in Hawaii, before settling in California and marrying my husband who is Korean. Together we have 4 children that we raise as mini global citizens in today’s diverse world.
When my children were young I wanted to teach them about their multiculturalism so I sewed clothes for them using fun, vibrant prints that had cultural influences on the fabric. What I noticed was that we would get stopped by people asking about the fabric and in turn, the culture illustrated on the fabric. While talking about the clothes and the culture I realized that the clothing I was making was my vehicle to teach others about cultural diversity. Mixed Up Clothing was born!! One of our missions is for children to learn about different cultures that are on the fabrics so that an appreciation is formed and a friendship is made…friendships through fabric!

Your clothing line also has some pretty fierce frocks for the little ones! What are your fave pieces and how do you go about choosing you fabrics?

Ah so many personal faves! I have to say I love starting by finding funky prints that show cultural significance on the fabric such as a Kokeshi doll from Japan or a senorita print from Mexico. I learn about the culture and then I design a silhouette to go along with the fabric. The silhouette has a cultural influence as well such as an Asian-inspired kimono wrap dress or an India-inspired tunic. Awhile back, I designed a Woman and Girl’s coordinating look; the samples just came in and the finished look is so fun! I cannot wait to share the designs with you.

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Now a days, so many mothers talk about “finding balance”. Do you think we focus on this too much or not enough? Should we redefine what “balance” really means?

I wonder if “finding balance” just leads to another way us moms beat ourselves up. How do you define balance, let alone reach, this goal? What does balance mean? For me each day gives me a chance to start over. I wake up take a look at my schedule and figure out a game plan. It’s about squeezing things in when you can, delegating what you can and letting go what is unnecessary. It’s about communicating your needs with your support system and asking for help when you need it. I will be honest and tell you I have learned the hard way that “balance” is a difficult way to go about measuring if you are a “good” mom, “good” businesswoman/friend/sister…. I kept trying to achieve this elusive “balance” and would feel guilty if I wasn’t doing what I thought I should be doing. I gave it up and each day I try my best to be present in whatever I am doing even if it means responding to emails at 2 am or writing this article on a Saturday night after my kids fell asleep. At the end of the day, all I can do is my best so if I have tried my best then I call that a good day.

And since we’re, we have to ask…what is your favorite pair of stilettos?!

OOH, I love a good pair of stilettos and I reserve them for special events, fashion shows, and celebratory occasions. Maybe I’m just a shoe-lover, but it seems like I don’t get to wear those good shoes often enough. Currently, I am obsessing over the Anouk by Jimmy Choo.


Yesssss, Sonia! We have to agree … those shoes are hot! Find out more about Sonia and her clothing brand “Mixed Up Clothing” on her Instagram and Twitter @MixedUpClothing.