Not sure why, but for the last three months my skin has been a fickled mess. Like seriously, I have no clue what’s going on. I was on my way to chalking it up to stress until I was introduced to Restoration Skin Care and everything changed.

First of all, I am VERY leery of trying new products — I trust no one, no thing. I’ve been hurt before and my guard is up. Don’t judge me. But, I was desperate and a friend introduced me to this product and promised it was all natural and would only have positive results. I figured, at this point (adult acne in all) I had nothing to lose.

Well, thank God I was at the end of my rope, because Restoration was exactly what I need. I tried three different products, but my absolute favorite was the body butter cream.


I have extremelyyyyy dry skin. I’ve increased my water intake, tried coconut/shea/almond butter (all separately) and a myriad of other remedies but a las, my skin is still terribly dry. However, RSC gave me great hydration with a little shine (perfect for my chocolate skin). It includes all those butters I listed along with EVOO, avocado oil and more. Plus, it smelled great! I tried both lavender and clove scents and loved them. I also loved the fact that I could use it on Charlie B, too! She has eczema that tends to flare up on her back quite often and since RSC is all natural, the body butter cream was safe for her sensitive skin and worked like a dream. I will say though, I used it on CB sparingly (typically just at night) because the lavender scent was a bit strong, but the calming effect was perfect for bedtime.

I also tried the lip balm. And while I’ll admit, I’m an EOS addict, the RSC balm is a good option as well. The bonus, it’s all natural, chemical free and leaves your lips super soft, just like EOS.


Lastly, the lavender hydration mist was a treat for both me and the hubby! While he was a bit apprehensive about letting me slather him in a lavender scented spray, he realized the refreshing mist was definitely worth it. I enjoyed it because after running behind a two-year-old all day, any boost of freshness is definitely welcomed.


Overall, I enjoyed all the products I tried and I can’t wait to get my hands on the body sugar scrub. It sounds divine! But, I think my favorite part of the Restoration Skin Care line is knowing that the creator, Sarah Bbeauty, knows her ish. She’s a make-up artist, beauty specialist and certified Nutritional Biochemist and Esthetician … I mean, come on! Plus she only works with ingredients I can pronounce and the line was created out of love for her family and their skin. It really doesn’t get any better.