Yea, you read that right. No apologies here.

I recently traveled cross-country with my 1 1/2 year old son Navy and during the 5 hour flight he — gasp! — cried a couple of times. You know what else happened on that flight? Someone watched a movie with no headphones, a group of guys talked loudly in the back, the flight attendant hit my knee with the cart and the pilot hit a patch of “rough air” that damn near knocked the wind out of me.

My point? Inconvenient sh!t happens on flights. My bigger point? My baby’s tears are just as normal (and maybe annoying) as those guys talking in the back — they didn’t apologize to the plane full of people they were disturbing during our red-eye flight; they most certainly didn’t hand out little goodie bags with gum, ear plugs and expressions or regret. So, why should I?

At the beginning of the flight, Navy cried for maybe 2-3 minutes, then fell asleep. At the end, he cried a bit when the bright lights came on and startled TF out of him. And you want an apology? Nah son. Crying is a natural, expected behavior for a baby, that doesn’t change while 50,000 feet in the air.

Bottom line, if you land with your life fully intact, then that’s all that should matter. And if my baby cries during your transit, you’ll be alright.