Look, I don’t know Kim Kardashian. She doesn’t affect my personal life and she isn’t someone I invest a lot of thought in to. But, whenever I would hear her complain about her pregnancies I instantly judged her.

How dare she bemoan the blessing of being able to give life! Doesn’t she know how many women would love to be in her place? Doesn’t she care about the thousands of women who can’t conceive? Furthermore, she experienced her own setbacks with fertility; shouldn’t she be more appreciative — more grateful? Yep, I sat on my high horse and judged the hell out of her … then I got pregnant with my second child.

My first pregnancy was blissful. I had a little nausea in the very beginning, but it wasn’t bad and I lost about 15 lbs (I’ve never looked better!). I had tons of energy, no complications and a practically textbook birth. Seriously, it was the best. I would often rave about how much I loved being pregnant and how I couldn’t wait to do it again.

Well, I’m doing it again and it has been completely different. I am currently 16 weeks pregnant and for the last 16 weeks I have been a zombie. OK, that may be a bit dramatic, but the minute I hit 6 weeks I was painfully nauseous, exhausted and an useless excuse for a human (let alone a mother and wife). For about 8 weeks I did nothing but work (barely), try to take care of a 2 year old (operative word here is “try”) and sleep. Thank God for my husband and mother because sleep is all I wanted to do and they allowed me to do it a lot. Honestly weeks 6 through 14 were a long, miserable, never-ending ball of bleh and I complained about it a lot. I cried about not feeling like I had the energy to shower, I cried about feeling like a horrible mother, I cried at work about having to work. I cried and complained a lot. And then, I thought about Kim Kardashian. I realized that my crying and complaining didn’t take away from the fact that I felt extremely blessed to have the opportunity to have another child. It didn’t make me any less grateful, nor was I any less appreciative of the miracle growing inside of me. I was simply human. And so is Kim.

Pregnancy, albeit a blessing, is sometimes hard and as women we should be able to support each other in whatever we are feeling. Now, that I am four months along I am starting to feel much better — dare I say, normal. But, to the mom who isn’t, it’s OK and you have my support. To the woman who is struggling, I pray for you and hope you allow me to be a support system even though our paths are different. And to the women still judging, please don’t. Reserve your judgement for the crazy people who support Donald Trump, not the women who are trying to grow a human being inside their bodies.