Working from home seems like an ideal scenario, especially when your (short-lived) maternity leave is up and you’re not quite ready to put your baby in the care of someone else. But, it’s not all snuggles and cuddles with your sweet-smelling newborn. It’s more like changing diapers, while jotting down notes and taking a conference call … all at the same d@mn time!

So, for those mamas out there who will be venturing into the work from home space soon, here are a few things to consider…

1. “There’s A Baby On Board!” #HangoverVoice – This seems pretty obvious, but believe it or not, many moms don’t really factor “taking care of the baby” into the whole work from home thing. You find yourself counting down to nap time so you can crank out an entire days work in the span of an hour (or two if your lucky). When baby is awake, you get very little time to get work done and forget about eating, bathing, etc. Those thing just don’t happen sometimes because … baby. But somehow, you manage to get more done in less time. I guess it’s just that motherhood magic we have 😉 (oh, and the MamaRoo … thank God for the MamaRoo!)

2. Guilt, oh the guilt – You’re getting your work done, maybe even more than if you were in the office, but nobody sees you working … so, is it really happening? Maybe it’s just me, but when I work from home I feel the need to try and go above and beyond the call of duty so that my co-workers who are in the office don’t mistake my physical absence for an absence of productivity. And you definitely don’t want your boss thinking you’re taking a “work from home day” and making it a “vacation day”. The last thing you need is your co-workers resenting you and your boss questioning your replaceability.

3. Ain’t no naps, Bih! – They say “sleep while the baby is sleeping”, but that notion disappears once you begin working from home. Now, you’ll need to work while the baby is napping. And work while the baby is awake. And work through lunchtime. And working past quitting time. Look, just expect to work, a lot.

4. Set realistic expectations – Yea, that part! This is so important to the success of you WAHM status. I make a list for everything I need to get done. It’s super helpful and keeps me on task even with a fussy baby in my arms. Also, make a plan for the day. If you can get you little one on a schedule (or some semblance of one) then you can plan you day accordingly.

5. You legit have to be SuperWoman – So yea, if you work from home you need to be all things at all times. You can handle that, right? Then being a work from home mom may be for you!