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How To Pick The Perfect Avocado In 5 Easy Steps!

Forget Peter Piper and those stupid pickled peppers, Vanessa Barnett just pick the perfect avocado. Boom!

Why is this a big deal? Well, if you have to ask this question then either you don’t eat avocado (WTH?!?) or you’re some weird alien who picks the perfect avocado every time (again, WTH?!?). But, if you’re like the rest of the non-perfect picking people of the world, then you’ve run into your fair share of too ripe, not ripe enough, rotten avocados. Unfortunately, and for some unknown (or maybe just unknown to me) reason, getting it just right in the avocado department is quite a daunting task. Well, because I’ve done it once, I am now an expert and thus I must teach everyone I know my vast and expansive knowledge of all things “perfect avocado”.

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A “Home” Extravaganza! Color Me Mine and a Chat With Director Tim Johnson

I’m not quite sure who’s a bigger “Home” fan, me or little Miss Charlie B!! Either way, Oh is the man and we got to spend the day with him 🙂

Me, Charlie and Daddy joined Oh, director Tim Johnson and more at Color Me Mine in Studio City for a fun filled day of decorating and painting. CB decide to do a little “free hand” art while Daddy got creative and drew his Oh to perfection.
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Stroller on Fleek! Bugaboo Runner Just Took It Up A Notch

Before I even had a baby, I knew Bugaboo was THEE stroller for the elite sector of chic mamas. They’ve always blended style with function seamlessly and it was easy to see why it was in such high demand … unless you were looking for a jogger. Those chic mamas on the move had to go elsewhere when looking for a durable stroller that they could take on a run, that is, until now. Bugaboo has heard your cries, you fit and fabulous mother, and they have delivered the Bugaboo Runner!

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Refreshing Watermelon Salad w/ Cucumber & Feta

Not sure if you know, but it gets hot in LA. Like really, really hot. So on days where it feels like we’re living on the sun, a cool, refreshing salad is just what the doctor ordered.

I spotted this Watermelon salad on my friend Danica’s Instagram page (check her out @TheMemoirsOfAMommy). I took her recipe and added my own twist to come up with this light and tasty, 5 ingredient salad.

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Mischievous Minions Takeover + Prize Pack Giveaway!

BET Weekend was a blast, but no one, and I mean no one, had more fun than the Mischievous Minions. They popped up everywhere!

This past weekend, BET shut LA down with several activities leading up to there big awards show on Sunday. But, everywhere I went the Minions made their way there, too. It seems as though those little guys are determined to find as much mischief as possible before their big film hits theaters July 10th.

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Gift Guide: What To Get The Dad With Everything?!

Charlie B loves her daddy so, so much (and I do too ;-), which means when Father’s Day rolls around we try really hard to get him a great gift. I don’t know why, but the task seems almost impossible. He’s not hard to shop for, but it just feels like there aren’t a lot of great gifts for Father’s Day. That is until now. After countless hours of searching (you’re welcome), I’ve finally complied a list of items I deem Daddy Day approved! And, because I love you (and because Amazon is awesome), I’ve include links to where you can buy everything (again, you’re welcome, lol).

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