Nope, I’m Not Making My Kids Share!

Don’t look at me like I’m crazy — I said, what I said #neneleakesvoice.

I know it sounds odd, but hear me out. My 5 year old Charlie is the queen of sharing. She doesn’t have to be told to do it, it’s just her nature — she will give her brother the last morsel of food on her plate, even though his plate is still full.

However, one day she was wearing her favorite hat, and her 2-year-old brother had on a hat as well. And, if you’ve ever met a 2-year-old, you know what happened next … he wanted her hat. She looked at me with tears almost in her eyes, pleading without saying a word, ‘mommy, do I have to give him my hat,’ I could hear her inner-voice crying out. And without a beat I told her, “Charlie, you can say no, it’s ok.” She looked relieved, and with the confidence of a 30-year-old, Charlie used her voice and shot her brother’s unreasonable request down. I was proud!

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