Kelly Rowland Cuddles With Son For New Ad

Kelly Rowland and her baby boy Titan are just too cute for words!

Kels and her six-month-old son kiss, cuddle and coo in Dreft’s new “Amazinghood” campaign. The laundry detergent has teamed up with the R&B beauty to document the unforgettable moments she shares with her little “Superman” on Dreft’s social media channels. Fans can view their “Journey of Amazinghood” videos on Dreft’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages throughout 2015.

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Disneyland Measles Melee: Are You Pro or Anti Vaccinations?

The Disneyland measles outbreak is an unfortunate situation that has reignited the vaccination war in the U.S. To date, over 50 adults and children have contracted the highly contagious illness while at “the happiest place on Earth”.

Recently, while making an appearance on the HLN show “Dr. Drew On Call”, I gave my stance on vaccinations. Take a look at the snippet below…

First, let me say, I whole heartedly believe in vaccinations and the health and safety it provides my daughter (and others around her). But, I do believe physicians need to do a better job at educating their patients about immunizations and the risks they run by not getting them. As a parent, it should be my choice, not the government’s, to vaccinate my child. But, I should also be provided adequate knowledge about the medicine being injected into my child’s body … and unfortunately if you do not do your due diligence, then you will most likely not receive that information.

As I previously stated, #CharlieB has received all of her vaccinations. But, after viewing the CDC’s immunization schedule, we decided (with the help of Charlie’s pediatrician) on a less aggressive schedule that worked for us and still assured that Charlie would receive the best care. The recommended chart is below. Did you stick with the recommendation or did you amend it like we did? I’d love to hear some feedback from other moms and dads!

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.48.15 PM


Toddler Tales: How We Got Rid Of Binky!

Bye, bye binky! There were laughs, tears and tantrums, but we finally got rid of the pacifier.

#CharlieB didn’t start using a paci until she was 11 months old and I had begun weaning. Pre-baby, I was one of those people that said I would never use a binky — but when you’re trying to get a screaming baby to calm down at 1am you’ll try just about anything.

Fast-forward seven months and I had decided that 1 1/2 years old would be our cut-off point … it was time to phase out binky (dun, dun, dunnnnn!). By this point Charlie used her pacifier during nap and bedtime, so we were gearing up for some pretty sleepless nights. Luckily, it wasn’t that bad.

In effort to eradicate binky we went with the “cut-off” method. We took the pacifier and snip, snip — completely cut off the nipple.

DAY 1 – During the day, when CB asked for binky we gave her the cut-off one. She put it in her mouth, looked at us and laughed. She attempted to chew the little bit of nipple that was left, but that was about it. However, at bedtime there was quite a fuss. She held on to binky but couldn’t use it to soothe herself. After about a half an hour she finally went to sleep.

DAY 2 – During the day she didn’t ask for binky much, but once again she demanded it at night. However, night two was much better. We did our nightly routine of bath, book, pray and bed and she went down after only about 15 minutes with just a bit of whining.

DAY 3,4 & 5 – OK, the next three days got REAL y’all. There was fussiness during the day and night. Bedtime was roughhhh! On these days she chewed binky, threw tanrtums, cried excessively and could not be soothed. I literally almost gave up and just gave her a regular pacifier. BUT, I’m glad I didn’t. After about an hour (each one of these nights) she fell asleep.

DAY 6 – I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. This day there was no day time fussiness, minimal binky requests and a far easier bedtime ritual. While she still asked for her “friend” when it was time to go to sleep, she just held it and was out relatively quick.

DAY 7 – ***praise hands emoji*** On this day she didn’t ask for binky during the day at all! During bedtime she did ask for it, but gave it back when she realized it was still the cut-off version. After that she was out like a light!

It literally took a full week to rid ourselves of binky. It was tough but I’m really glad we stayed the course. I hope this posts helps someone out there. If you have any “breaking binky” tips I’d love to hear them! Just email me at Stilettos.SippyCups@gmail.com.

CB does get rocked to sleep and it helped immensely with soothing her.
During our phase out Charlie did have a bottle during bedtime which also helped immensely, but now she just has a sippy cup of warm milk.
She also still wakes up in the middle of the night about 75% of the time, but this is unrelated to binky. Most times it’s because she’s too wet or hungry.


Did Beyonce Just Announce Second Pregnancy?

Beyonce just posted a photo on Instagram and it almost broke the internet! Did Queen Bey just announce baby number two is on the way?

With no caption at all, BK uploaded this selfie covered in sand with baby Blue by her side.

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 5.08.10 PM

Her middle section seems to be fuller, but it could just be the mounds of sand covering it. If you scroll through her last few IG posts, it’s hard to tell if the pop diva will be popping out a playmate for Blue Ivy anytime soon. Just take a look at the pics in the gallery below and let us know what you think. Pregnant … or nah?!

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Toddler Tales: The First Day Of Daycare…

I’ve been dreading this day for some time now, but it finally happened. #CharlieB went off to daycare…

For the last 19 months, when the Hubby and I were at work, Charlie spent time with her awesome caretaker Valencia. She took great care of Charlie; She taught her letters, shapes, colors, numbers, etc., they played, laughed, learned … it was great. But, one thing was missing — interaction with other children. Sure, we went to play groups, music time and gymnastics class, but there needed to be more. So, as a family we decided to try out daycare.

It took a loooong time to find the right place, but we feel happy and comfortable with our choice. Unfortunately, that didn’t make today any easier 🙁

The Drop-Off: We had visited the daycare center twice before today, so Charlie was a bit familiar with the facility and her teacher. However, that only eased a bit of her apprehension. She walked into her classroom, played with a toy phone and some blocks … but NEVER took her eyes off of mommy and daddy. We hung out for a while, trying to help Charlie assimilate to her new surroundings and after 15 minutes she seemed to warm up a bit. Time for the magic trick known as “The Disappearing Parents”! When Charlie wasn’t looking we slipped away and out of the door. We took a peek inside and saw her looking for us, but luckily, there were no tears! That’s a success, right?

Alllll Day at Work: I thought I would feel better knowing that Charlie didn’t cry when we left, but that wasn’t the case. Did she cry after we drove off? Did she cry all day? Does she think we abandoned her? Will she resent me? Were the other kids nice to her? Did we make the wrong decision for our daughter’s life??? I had a million questions running through my head all day.

The Pick-up: Finally, it was time to pick up my baby!!! I don’t know who was more excited me or Charlie. It was a scene straight out of the movies — we spotted each other across the room, locked eyes and ran into each other’s arms, in slow motion of course. I don’t think we’ve ever hugged each other tighter. When I finally loosened my grip, Charlie’s teacher proceeded to tell about her day.

She cried for just a “hot second” when she realized we were gone. She played well with the other kids. She was also very polite to the teachers and said “please” and “thank you” when appropriate. She did well during nap time and seemed overall pretty happy. The only downside was she wouldn’t eat…at all.

After getting that report I feel like day one was pretty successful. During the car ride home I asked Charlie if she wanted to go back tomorrow and she said “yes”, which is a good sign! I’ll just make sure to pack her lunch just in case she doesn’t like the school’s options again.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be easier for me too. She didn’t cry all day. She didn’t feel abandoned. And it’s seems like she had a great day. Maybe I should just follow her lead.

Today was such a special day that Charlie decided to put on her pretty princess tiara and party dress!

Today was such a special day that Charlie decided to put on her pretty princess tiara and party dress!

Product Reviews

Product Review: Which Natural Diaper Is The BEST?!

Diapers, diapers everywhere, but which one to choose?!

Over the last 19 months I have tried several natural diapers on #CharlieB. Honestly, there are a ton on the market, but three brands in particular are my favorite. I’ll give you the pros, cons and the one eco-friendly diaper that is the driest of them all!

If you’re looking for a no fuss, no muss kind of diaper, then look no further. Aside from being “natural”, Seventh Generation is also no frills! The diapers resemble a paper bag which emphasizes the no dyes/no perfume approach. It’s not like you need a pretty diaper (we all know what happens inside of it), however this one is unusually ugly. But honestly, that didn’t bother me (that much). The diapers did well for #CharlieB until she got a bit older. They are great for tiny babies, but once your little one crosses over to solids, Seventh Generation may not measure up to the heavy doody task. They tout a special absorbent core containing wood pulp, corn and wheat derived materials, but that wasn’t enough for my little potty machine. Rating: 3 out of 5 Sippy Cups

THC may be one of the more popular natural diaper brands and for a good reason. What Seventh Generation lacks, THC picks up. The diaper was consistently leak free for #CharlieB during the day, but wasn’t a reliable overnight option — it was hit or miss depending on how long Charlie slept. However, I do appreciate that they are a reasonably priced, eco-friendly option which is sometimes hard to find. Plus, not only is there easy ordering online, but now many retailers carry the brand as well. PLUS, Honest diapers are super cute! With tons of designs to choose from, it feels like you’re shopping for clothes, not diapers. Rating: 4 out of 5 Sippy Cups

Here we go … the MVP of non-toxic diapers! Just like the ones listed before it, Bambo Nature touts an eco-friendly, natural, super absorbent resume. And like the ones before it, it pretty much delivers. The difference? Not. One. Leak. Ever! Literally, during the two weeks we tested Bambo, #CharlieB stayed leak free. Then there’s this…

Bambo Nature is the only baby diaper in the world to receive the highly-coveted Nordic-Swan Eco-Label. Carrying this label entails one of the lengthiest approval processes in all of Scandinavia (and possibly the world), as their strict standards are raised each year.

Soooo, what does that mean? I don’t know and I really don’t care. Sure, they have lots of credentials and labels, but at the end of the day I just want a diaper that works and thankfully this one does! The only con is that Bambo Nature is a bit harder to find than other diapers. It’s not stocked in every store, but with this wonderful invention called the Internet, you can order BN anytime you want. Oh, and they’re not totes adorable like The Honest Company diapers, but not butt ugly like Seventh Generation. They look like your average diaper. Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 Sippy Cups.

Have you tried some awesome, natural diapers that aren’t listed here? Shoot me an email and tell me all about it! Stilettos.SippyCups@gmail.com.

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Zoe Saldana Reveals The Names Of Her Twin Boys

It’s been over a month since Zoe Saldana gave birth to her twin sons and she’s just now revealing their names.

In a message on Instagram, the actress showed off their two little bottle while announcing their unique monikers.

Our boys CY and BOWIE are finally here. #marcoperego and I wanted to thank you for your beautiful wishes and for your patience.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 3.44.51 PM

Cy Arido and Bowie Ezio Perego-Saldana were born on November 27th, contrary to the December 8th date that was rumored.

OK, so we’ve got the names … now let’s see some faces! jk 🙂
We know Zoe loves her privacy so we won’t hold our breath waiting for pics of her precious boys, Cy and Bowie. Instead we’ll just send a hearty congrats to her and her hubby, Marco Perego!


New Family Photos!

Happy New Year from Modern Martha Stewart and family!

I want to first thank you for being apart of the Stilettos & Sippy Cups community. We hope to have more growth and interaction in the new year and we look forward to getting to know you SASY Moms even more!

And speaking of being a SASY mom … it’s a New Year, sooooo, NEW PHOTO SHOOT!! My buddy Stuart Townsley, the owner of Townsley Portraits, just photographed us for our new family photos and they are everythinggg! But before I show you the awesome pics, I asked Stuart to give you mommies a few tips for taking photos with little ones. I have to admit, #CharlieB doesn’t always love the camera, but Stuart’s top 5 tips really helped during our shoot.

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‘Teen Mom’ Star Pregnant With Baby Number 2!

Maci Bookout is no longer “16 and Pregnant”, now she’s 23 with another bundle of joy on the way!

Bookout and her longtime beau, Taylor McKinney are expecting their first child together in June. This will be Maci’s second child; the world saw her give birth to her first, a baby boy named Bentley, on the inaugural season of MTV’s hit show 16 and Pregnant.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 12.21.02 PM

The Teen Mom star confirmed the surprising news to InTouch Weekly.

“We still can’t believe it,” Maci told the magazine after disclosing that doctors advised her that her polycystic ovary syndrome diagnosis (PCOS) made the chances of having more children very slim. “It was a huge shock, but we are very excited. I didn’t think that another pregnancy was possible,” Bookout admitted.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 12.31.15 PM

Congrats to Maci, Taylor and little Bentley!


Alicia Keys Gives Birth To Second Son!

It was so nice, they had to do it twice! Alicia Keys and hubby, Swizz Beatz have welcomed another baby boy to their family.

Alicia and Swizz both announced the news on Instagram Sunday with the message, “The joy of joy is joy!! It’s a boy!! #Blessings”.

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 12.29.16 PM

Alicia gave birth to, Genesis Ali Dean on December 27th at 1:52 a.m. weighing 6lbs 5oz. This is the second son for the musical couple who are already parents to four year old, Egypt Daoud Ibarr Dean.

Congrats again to the happy family!